Your Ego is A Smoke Detector

upspiral.jpgThe smoke detector in your home is very sensitive. It lets off a loud squawking alarm at even the faintest detection of the odors that signal a fire. A little smoke from a meal, burnt toast, or a fireplace with a whiff of wandering smoke can set off an alarm that is startling. So it often is with the Ego. The Ego, as it is used here, is the person you are when you are playing to your weaknesses rather than your strengths. Play to your weaknesses and your Ego goes off; play to your strengths and your “real self” moves into play.

The more positive you become, the greater you grow into an UpSpiral, using your strengths, the more sensitive is your detector, the Ego, that you’re moving in the wrong direction –one of weakness that is the opposite of your strengths. The more you come from your Inner Being, the real strengths that you have, the harder it is for the Ego not to give itself away. It does so through anxiety, fear, the feeling of being out of sync with yourself, and just plain discord.

You would never want to get rid of a smoke detector or disconnect it. So it is with the Ego. It is a part of a whole- a warning system that lets you know that you are not coming from your strengths. And the more you come from your strengths, the more you get used to playing to them, the more your Ego will make noise because you will be more sensitive to its sounds and warnings.

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Dr. William K. Larkin

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