Your VibeCore: What Do You Want?




Your VibeCore is YOU bringing YOU What You Want.

You have a “vibe” that you transmit as surely as a frequency or signal and it’s rooted in what has brought you what you have in your life.

It is not your positive thinking or your negative thinking that so much attracts what you want or don’t want; it is your “positivity being” or your “negativity being.”

It is the structure of your reasoning and your “meaning-making” system that attracts into your world, what you’re getting and not getting.

That reasoning emerges from “positivity being,” “negativity being,” or a sloppy, transitional mix of the two.

While they help start the movement toward transition, this is much more profound than positive thinking and affirmations.

Your “vibe” sets up your consciousness of the world and exists as the way you see yourself in the mirror and then becomes the world you bring to life.

Your VibeCore is what you want, how much you believe you’re going to get it, and how open you are to however it may come.

If you’re very tight about how what you want has to come, then your reasoning will squeeze what you get until it takes forever, or worse, never comes at all.

Your VibeCore emerges from what’s meaningful for you, that isn’t usually conscious until you get very clear about what you want, which will change or radically sharpen, the clearer you get.

Getting really clear about what you want starts to alter and change your structure of reasoning, how you see your world.

Until you do, your VibeCore brings all kinds of things into your life. It is the structure of your being and it is a “vibe” sending out the signal that is bringing to you what you get.

“POSITIVITY BEING,” not just positive thinking, is what it means to begin to alter the nature of your mind and to be able to live in an UpSpiral of growing consciousness, that brings back the “oneness” you begin to see in the mirror.

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Dr. William K. Larkin
  • Alan Cohen

    I absolutely see this as Truth. As I become clear about what I want, beliefvethat I will get it, and open to how it will show up, more comes into my life. But the true power seems to lie in how I am shaping my mind to be more positive, and a changed way of being, which in, turn, has me much more clear on what I want, and confident in it happening. The more I practice gratitude, and pulse positive emotion, I find that I am easily accessing opportunity and possibility – I am manifesting more positive experiences and opportunities in every moment. This vibration is attracting more of what I want, and repelling what I don’t,

  • Kelsey Abbott

    I believe it’s all about setting intentions for how we want to be and feel and the energy we want to put out and receive. And then it’s about freedom and curiosity. We can’t control much in this world and holding on to control seems to cause a whole lot of misery. Awareness, acceptance, intention and curiosity…that’s what leads to a high vibecore in my opinion.

  • Dr. gloria wright

    In the peace and love era, people used to comment, “They have good vibes.” That meant that they were peaceful and loving – not judgemental and/or angry. To add modern science to that equation, it means your core vibe attracts like. It’s a bit like a magnet.
    Peaceful people attract other peaceful people. Cynics attract cynics. Victims are drawn to other victims or persecutors or rescuers – whatever supports their victim stance.
    I notice that when I engage with others, they have a subtle impact on my energy. Some people buoy me up; others drag me down. And my vibration does the same for them. I love relationships where I feel safe so that my loving and silly sides can emerge.
    Another element at play is that your core vibe comes from what is meaningful for you. If your happiness is something that is meaningful for you, you will feed your happiness with your perspective, your emotions, your thoughts and your beliefs.
    And what do you really want? What do you want to bring forth in your life? Finding out what you want can take some careful attention and intention. When you want good friends, you may need to be a good friend first. When you want thoughtfulness, adoration, laughter and love, you may want to manifest and share those traits with others. I remember a significant person in my life telling me that he loved me. “But I need to feel loved to know that you love me.” His vibrations didn’t always feel loving.
    Not getting what you want? Check your core vibes. Vibrate love and you’ll attract love – and happiness and well-being, etc.

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