Will Your Brain Decline? Your Choice!

What about the declining aging brain? The brain ages, but, like fine wine, it does not have to decline. The brain develops throughout all of life. Supposed short term memory loss is a myth. It isn’t a loss. It is the reorganization and emerging “second half of life brain” which is developmentally changing from smaller thinking to getting the bigger picture. The brain has the developmental task in the second half of life to transfer the psychic energy of short-term memory into wisdom and “getting the larger picture”. Positive emotion is the anti-oxidant of the brain- it cleans up narrow and negative thinking that causes negative aging. This negative and rigid thinking is also related, we are finding, to Alzheimer’s.

Neuroplasticity proves to us that the brain can always change.
We are increasingly finding the greater and greater degree to which it can change.

How do you want to change your brain?

What thoughts and patterns of feelings do you recognize that take you down the road to negativity and personal rigidity?

You are learning to create a State of Mind (SOM) called Certitude. Tell us how you are doing it and what it’s like!

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Dr. William K. Larkin

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