Breaking The Chains Of Worry & Anxiety

A trapeze artist, already accomplished, can become immobilized by fear in learning a new move.  Alejandro had frequently sailed through the air, tumbled, and was caught successfully.

He was an artist in flying.

But one day, after training with his coach, he was immobilized with fear.

When would he fail to execute the moves and fall, perhaps to his death?

His doubt began with this simple thought that he let continue in his mind, and as he focused on the feelings of doubt and fear, the doubt grew larger.

His coach did not give him a lot of time to think. He touched him reassuringly and simply said, “Throw your heart over the bar and your body will follow.”

That one sentence sits on my desk. Throw your heart over the bar and your body will follow. It serves as a reminder for me, whenever I am half-hearted about what I’m doing, when my expectations are lower, when I am not using the resources that are at my command.

It also asks me where my heart really is, what am I passionate about, and what do I care most about? It keeps me from going through the motions of doing things that are no longer satisfying my passion or my interests.

What do you want?

Where in your life do you need to throw your heart over the bar?

This is actually what we call your VIBECORE. It is a NeuroPositive ™ tool with its own score that defines these measures of personal experience:

1. How well do you know what you want?

2. How much do you believe that you will get it?

3. How open are you to all the ways that what you want can come in packages that you don’t expect, in ways that you might not have imagined?

Your VibeCore is the core of your “personal vibe” in life.

It is about getting to that place where you can throw your heart over the bar of whatever it is that you want strongly in your life, because you have determined that it is a part of what gives your life meaning, and provides for you a primary sense of personal significance.

Alejandro was one day paralyzed with fear, worry, and anxiety about falling, about making that one fatal mistake as he flew through the air.

What worries you, that holds you back from “throwing your heart over the bar?”

Worry, fear, and anxiety can sometimes cut through the passion of your Vibe Core. So if you’re holding back, or unsure about what it is that you want, unclear about your “passion” and what gives your life a sense of meaning and personal significance, try these:

1. Say to yourself: “Worry and anxiety are part of a bad mental neuroplastic loop in my brain. I can cut the loop by changing my focus away from my fears.”

2. You became anxious and worried by practicing the loop. With all the mental force you can command, find something to feel grateful for and feel gratitude. Just feel a little gratitude.

3. As you feel gratitude, breathe it in with 10 deep breaths. When you are worried and anxious, you breathe much less and your brain gets less oxygen and your body goes on alert. So breathe deeply 10 times.

4. One reason you worry and are anxious is because you lock onto a negative thought and cycle it in your brain. Use the negative thought as a cue to go to gratitude, and then of one of your strengths, and ask your strength how you can use it right now.

And here’s an extra.

Train your brain to break the chains of worry and anxiety by working out in our Emotional Gym™.  It is the “go to place” to cut through anxiety and worry. Learn to pulse love, joy, hope, peace, and gratitude, just a little, whenever you want to “throw your heart over the bar.”

Your brain and your body will follow.



About the author

Dr. William K. Larkin

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