What Is Next? Love Is Next!

Joy7.jpgWe have spent a week pulsing joy, and in the process, seeing the things that give us joy. And for no reason at all, except the sheer joy of it, we have chosen to feel joy, on-call, immediately, whenever we wanted to go there. Whenever we wanted the reality of joy, we created in and lived in the emotion. As we lived in the emotion, we noticed more and more in the world that deserved the experience of joy.

So it is with love. I have found, over time, that love is often the hardest emotion for people to experience. It is often the last one that people begin to expLove_Science.jpgerience. Gratitude is usually the easiest and so we go there first. But eventually we end up with love and compassion.

The next four weeks are about love. We will look at love in four different ways and we will consider how idiosyncratic love can be. Its expressions are endless.

What we create inside, or really find inside, and then create in our way, is the essence of love. It’s in every one of you and it is the deepest, truest, greatest reality of you. You are born with a core and center of love already existent and operable in you; your charge is to bring your expression of love to the world.

If we could measuSmile_Reminder.jpgre it, and actually we can, love is the most powerful energy in the Universe; it IS the Universe and it exists within you.

So feel love 25 times in the morning with a broad smile on your face and make it the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning. Then throughout the day, give love to the world. Pulse love at everything, with everything and to everything.

What stories we will share throughout and after these four weeks!!

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Dr. William K. Larkin

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