The UpSpiraLife 12 Step Group: A New 12 Steps For A New Millenium

The UpSpiraLife GroupSpiral38.jpg is an outreach of the Applied Neuroscience Institute. Its purpose is to create a culture and fellowship of positivity, in which individuals grow into an UpSpiral of the positively lived life, characterized by positive self-discovery and personal renewal. There is no charge for participation in the group, but donations are accepted to further the work of creating happier, more fulfilled, and more well-lived lives around the world.

You can read the testimonials of people who have participated and see how their lives have flourished.

UpSpiraLife Groups are not politically oriented, and are not aligned with other groups or affiliations. The UpSpiraLife group is not group counseling or group psychotherapy, and its aim is not healing disorders, illness, or personal problems. While that may be a benefit of participation, it is not the intent or purpose of the group.

Our aim is to enrich the quality of the optimally well-lived life by providing an opportunity for sharing insights and developing concrete strategies leading to a happier and more fulfilled life.

The new Twelve Steps and the Twelve Promises are aimed not only toward positive thinking, but also the growth and integration of positive feelings and emotions that create a flourishing and thriving life.CHANGE2.jpg

Read the Twelve Steps and the Twelve Promises.

UpSpiral groups meet in person and on bridgeline calls comprised of people from all over the country. Members follow a simple format and pledge confidentiality, assuring a safe and secure environment.

What are the benefits of growing in an UpSpiral of positivity?

1. You will increase the experience of the well-lived life.
2. You are more creative.
3. You feel better.
4. You can better manage your state of mind -what we call SOMM -State of Mind Management.
5. Your life satisfaction increases.
6. Your sense of well-being increases.
7. You attract more of what you want into your life.
8. You learn faster.
9. Your intelligence and approach to life improve due to what is called “broadening and building.”
10. You flourish in an UpSpiral.
11. You experience better health.
12. You are happier.
13. You have a reservoir of positive emotion that makes you more resilient in the face of negativity and the problems of life.
14. You project less negatively and you see yourself and others in a more positive a likeable light.
15. You forgive more easily.
16. You can better play to your “strengths.”
17. You are better at setting goals and accomplishing them.
18. You have a greater sense of connectedness to yourself and others.
19. You grow in a sense of personal significance; your meaning making system becomes more solid, “felt,” and experienced in your life.

How do yoCreativity3.jpgu join an UpSpiral group?

1. Read the first two chapters of the book Growing the Positive Mind.
2. Take the “Positive Mind Test” on our website so you know what your score is before you start.
3. Watch a 62 minute video, “The UpSpiral and the Emotional Gym,”  free of charge, on our website.

For more information, or to register, send us an e mail by logging on to our website at and clicking on the “Contact” Tab.





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