The UpSpiral “Sync” With Your Strengths

It is not possible to stay in an UpSpiral without knowing your strengths and learning to play to them.

At about age two, when our major neuropathways are formed, we lose the largest number of brain cells we will likely ever lose. These major neuropathways are our strengths. They have been forming, along with the propensities to use them, since we were born, and especially since we were two years old. These strengths have a long history in us and they “are us.”

These strengths comprise your real self.  Research shows that when you use these strengths you are your happiest. The farther away you are from these strengths, the more disconnected you feel.

There is a feeling of not knowing yourself, of not knowing who you are. There is a sense of feeling incomplete, unsure, not in touch with yourself, and not “in sync.”

It’s a feeling of being “out of your own skin.”

What is also true is that these strengths all exist on a continuum. On one end of the continuum are your strengths, and on the other end are your weaknesses. It is interesting to consider that your weaknesses are merely a reflection of your strengths that are at the opposite end of that continuum.

So if they are realities within you, which end of the continuum is stronger- strengths or weaknesses? 

Is it possible to grow only in the direction of your weakness, or your strengths, or both?

The simple answer is this. When we are in an UpSpiral, we play to our strengths, to the best in ourselves. And we do all of this with greater and greater ease, the more time that we spend there.

Strengths are strengths because they feel very natural, and using them comes very easily. When we use our strengths, it takes very little psychic energy, and we feel like we are just being ourselves. Weaknesses are usually related to angry and negative feelings. Strengths are related to a sense of flow and ease.

Many times, people find themselves in jobs where they are not using their strengths, and they simply hate their situation and want to change it.  However, the problem may well be that a person doesn’t know what their strengths are, and doesn’t know how to use a strength for a particular task.

The problems and challenges we have in our lives are related usually to some strength we’re not using. That’s why they are so frustrating.  It is as if these problems are trying to tell us something that we can’t understand, or give us a message that can’t get through.

That message is usually about using some strength we have that we don’t even know that we have.

And the same situations will continue to appear throughout our lives until the strength that wants to emerge, the real part of us that wants expression, finds its expression as a strength and not as a weakness.

You will only stay in an UpSpiral of feeling good by using your strengths. Your strengths can take any problem you encounter and give you the skills and answers to work through it, by simply using them.

There is nothing you can encounter that your strengths will not be a match for, bringing you to growth, clarity, and solutions.

About the author

Dr. William K. Larkin

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