The Surgeon Sent Us The Refund From The Gun He Purchased To Take His Life

After learning to change his brain and grow a NeuroPositive mind, a surgeon sent us a check for the amount of the refund for the return of a gun he had purchased to take his own life.

The wealthy, the educated, and the professional can be the poorest of the poor.  Take away the things that give meaning and a sense of personal significance, the roots of what define the good life, and the reasons for living become threatened. 

Abundance and prosperity rest in a sense of meaning in life and the sense of personal significance that emerges from it.  There must be enough of an UpSpiral in our lives to sustain the capacity to work our strengths and to know that they will work for us.

The brain, which we mistakenly believe is so constant and permanently developed,  is “neuroplastic.”  This means that the neuropathways of the brain are changing and evolving exactly according to our meaning and sense of personal significance at different times in our lives.  We can be healthy and happy in one stage of our lives and miserable and defeated in the next.  There are structures of reasoning, of how we see things, that can change slowly over time or be drastically altered in short periods by large or traumatic events.

And our whole reason for living can come into question.

When we do not successfully navigate these transitions of meaning and the changes of the structure reasoning in our brains, we know all too well the things that come from a loss of meaning and a poorly defined sense of personal significance.  Drugs and alcohol and all sorts of escapes head the list that includes the diseases that we much more easily contract when the meaning of our lives gets called into question.  Much psychological illness is a result of a loss of a sense of personal significance and challenges to meaning-making that cannot be immediately worked through in a process of change.

There are definite stages and transitions in our lives.  Some of the biggest are in the second half of life.  Some of the most challenging stages in life can occur in the middle third.  The last third of life is a time of great transition and change and much, much richer than the decline that we stereotype aging to be.  Don’t think that your greatest development occurred before you were 5 or 18 or 22, because that just isn’t true.

People do not have to die because they have lost a sense of meaning in life.  Usually they flat line.  Life can just lose its zest and purpose, and there is no eagerness to live or to experience the good things in life.

In our NeuroPositive Life Classes we help you understand the stages and transitions of life, and how to navigate them for meaning and a sense of personal significance.  Learning to grow a NeuroPositive mind is enormously important in the consideration of life transitions in meaning-making.  Transition can be navigated much more smoothly in an UpSpiral with a reservoir and the learned skills of neuro-positivity.

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