The Powerful Possibilities Of Positive Emotion

Possibilities are the lifeblood of our moods.

Check it out and see if your moods are not grounded in the very possibilities you are holding for your life.

The upper range of emotions is the birthplace and the growing ground of possibilities.  We don’t see or know our possibilities from negative emotions or in a DownSpiral.

We have the idea that inspiration can come from despair.

Enlightenment from despair is far over-rated and takes way too much energy.

But despair is not the issue. It’s not even usually the case. Everyday living is more the case– the ho-hum of everyday routine is what robs us most of creativity. It is just getting in the groove of our lives and living its requirements that most dull the upper range of positive emotion and the emergence of possibility. I call it the “learned non-use” of positive emotion.

We get flashes of insight and possibility when we are feeling good and feeling free. That is when they happen most. It occurs when we are hopeful, not when we are down and limited.

Life expands and grows on this upper range of positive emotion: love, peace, gratitude, joy and hope. There are never enough external stimuli to create the internal state of this positive range. If you wait for the externals, you limit your possibilities.

Consider this. Feelings create. Mood creates. We move and form our consciousness from feelings. The neuroplastic brain is shaped by feelings. And for sure, it is feelings that are running our biochemical systems and bathing every cell in our moods and feelings.

Negative states of feeling do not create deeply intuitive insights. They may foretell danger or sensitize us to flee, but they don’t function like our positive emotions do in leading us toward growth-evoking, action-taking behavior. They are more the feeling of avoidance, withdrawal, and self-protection.

If feelings are the prior source of consciousness, consider the idea that our thinking, which we hold as sacrosanct, is far more under the direction of our feeling states than we have previously considered to be the case.  We have spent our whole lives learning what to “think” and so little of it learning both how and what to “feel.”

It is any wonder that we lose sight of what we really want?

You are not your brain. How clearly we have learned that in the study of neuroplasticity.

The brain is an organ that is formed by our focus, our attention, our gaze, and it is shaped by our feeling states.

Here is the bottom line. Emotion is an information system that is driving the biochemical reactions of every organ, including the brain.

Negative emotion is trying to tell us to go elsewhere, to move to another feeling/being place, so that the positive range of emotions can work on health, intuition, direction, vision, well-being, and fulfillment.

The Emotional Gym is more important than any form of exercise. Our lives are lived from emotions and moods, and they are the prophets of the future. We create from them.  We exercise to “feel” good.  Why not just start there?

The idea of building positive emotional muscle seems difficult because we are so conditioned to wait for the externals to do it for us, or to think that our own mood will come upon us when it will.

You can wait for a very long time.

Possibilities open doors, keep us moving, and keep us creating and inventing.

Entertaining what is possible is the beginning of the greatest advances in the world, and the smallest, most significant steps you can take toward making your life what you want it to be.

About the author

Dr. William K. Larkin

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