The Launch!!  UpSpiraLife Groups

Candlelight.jpgThis month, we have begun the national and international launch of the first UpSpiraLife Groups. We currently have 7 groups up and running! I am always asked- where do normal, everyday people go for support, on an ongoing basis, that moves them from negativity to positivity and into an UpSpiral of increasingly positive thought, feeling and experience?

Nothing like this exists, and while it will change and morph with experience and research, it has begun! God will honor that, because all this goodness is creation unfolding, the universe expanding and Source continuing to create through all of this.

You are creating those centers of attraction that bring goodness, well-being, and hope into the world so that love expands. Expand the love, share the peace, grow the gratitude, and savor the joy you create!

Let us hear from you, each one of you, and share your experience here, so we have it for our history! What has it been like to make this new beginning, to be a part of this new positive initiative? What have you experienced as a result of your participation?

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Dr. William K. Larkin

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