The Hormones and Chemical Reactions of Positive Emotions

TheAnatomy.jpg research is beginning to emerge. Science is showing the effect of positive emotions in releasing healthy hormones into the body. Not only are healthy hormones released, but the unhealthy release of cortisol and stress related hormones is less and less. I’ll be spending more and more time on the blog talking about what these benefits are, but many of you already know them because you feel them having a positive effect in your body.

Feeling good contributes to your health. Five of the emotions that are the most significant are… guess what? Gratitude, peace, joy, hope, and love.Groups.jpg

Positive emotions also set up your expectations. It is difficult to expect positive things. It is difficult to think in the direction of positive outcomes when you aren’t feeling positive emotions. Feeling positive emotions takes practice and support. You need to feel positive emotions everyday with specific exercises you use, and you need to belong to a support group that is dedicated to higher and higher levels of positivity. We need the support of others to do this and we need to know that others are working on this as well.

Positive eRainbow2.jpgmotions do not come from wishing you had them; they come from working at growing neuropathways in the brain that are positive. Here’s a hint. Start to look for everything around you that is good. In even the most negative situation, see if you can find one thing that is good.

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Dr. William K. Larkin

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