The Heraclitus Effect

There is in quantum physics the research and realization that what is called the Heraclitus Effect exists. To simplify, it means that if you focus on a decaying system, the focus on the decaying system will sustain it and keep in from decaying.

In other words, if you focus on something that is ultimately self-destructive or gets you nowhere, you sustain it by your focus upon it. The effect is also called the Anti-Zeno effect. 

The Zeno effect is what happens when you focus positive energy on a positive thing –positive outcomes are sustained. 

You may ask, what is a decaying system? It is anything that isn’t working, that is negative and moving in a direction that is not the truth. For example, the opposite of your strengths are your weaknesses.

The focus on those weaknesses sustains them. Focus on them, talk about your weaknesses, obsess over them, beat your self up, listen to your negative self-talk and you’re doing the Heraclitus effect- sustaining a decaying system that leads inevitably to even greater destruction or decay.

So the work is not sustaining a negative system, but using your energy to sustain a positive one. 

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