The FuturePac   Is It a Fit? Is There a Click?




The sign of the success of having accomplished the purpose of this chapter is a sense of direction.  It is that sense of “now I know where I’m going.”  Armed with the creative power of the UpSpiral, the knowledge of your strengths and how they work for you, and having understood that your “flow” in life is really defined by your VibeCore, now we get to the nitty-gritty of what you want to do with all of this. 

You could say that learning to be in an UpSpiral is enough, or that learning your strengths was a big revelation that allows you “to be.”  However, “being” is always becoming because you are all about what you desire, what you enjoy, and the goodness that you create in the process.

When your goals are right and in place, even though they are always malleable, with experience, there is this sense of things “clicking” into place.  They become a center for making decisions.  

You have written 5-8 goals.  How do they feel?  How on the mark are they for you?  How clearly do they seem to be a fit and define for you the direction in which you want to move?

These goals, if they are real for you, are already mapping your brain and giving it direction, let alone a sense of inspired purpose and direction! 

What is your experience with your goals?  Tell us how real they are and what impact they are having on your life, even as you begin to “want” them.  That is where it starts.  Never mind the “how” right now!  What is the impact of beginning to “want” and “desire” them?

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