The “At Ease” State of Mind

At ANI, State of Mind management is very important to our work because we know two significant things.

1. A State of Mind will grow unless you change it –something on the outside may change it but it will change for only a short time.

2. We are much more in charge of our State of Mind than we think –it doesn’t just happen to us. We create it and it can change with practice.

If you practice an “At Ease” state of mind, feeling it over and over and over and over, even if you can feel just a little of it, the “state” will grow. Set it as the bar of your emotional life and as the months pass, aim for a higher and higher move toward this bar.

These are the “Olympics of the Mind”. You may not be pole-vaulting in Beijing, but you raise the bar of your emotional state just by consistent practice. And you’ll feel like you got a Gold Medal.

The AT-EASE State of Mind

Relief (feel a little not a lot)
Peace (move in the direction of peace, just a little peace)
Free (think of a time when you felt free and feel it)
Unburdened (drop your shoulders and breathe)
Casual and more relaxed (walk slower and feel like you feel when you are more relaxed)
Grateful (focus on something to be grateful for, something lovely)

Put all of these together and call them your “At Ease” State of Mind!
You attract what you get from the direction in which you are moving
in your feeling state.
The Universe responds to your feeling state in a positive direction.

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Dr. William K. Larkin

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