The “Vibration” Of Flourishing



The brain is at its highest and most potent level of performance is what I call brain synchrony. When we experience brain synchrony, our vibration is really at its best, our vibration is at its healthiest.

When I use the word vibration, I’m really talking about aliveness and I’m talking about it in the same way as Thomas Troward who was an English judge in India, and also a philosopher.

He talks about the human experience that is different than any other experience because of the degree of aliveness that defines humanness. It is his contention that it is our degree of aliveness that makes us human. If we want to take this idea of aliveness apart, and ask what its nature is, we are fundamentally defining our vibration. The amount and the way we are alive to life, our aliveness, pretty well describes our “vibration” or our “vibe.”

Whatever our vibration is, brain synchrony is a signal of it being at its best, with the most efficient “burning” of psychic energy which is its fuel. That fuel certainly is glucose, but it is more than that, ultimately.

When we are experiencing brain synchrony, as opposed to brain conflict, we are effectively using our limited supply of psychic energy, in a day’s time or over a period of time.

When the brain “feels good” it’s most efficient, and the brain is most efficient when you feel good. When you feel good, the brain is at its highest degree of synchrony, doing its best work, being its most efficient, using your psychic energy best.

That doesn’t mean that the brain does not like problems; it does. The brain likes problem solving and flourishes with use. What the brain does not like is working against itself. And the brain works most against itself or at odds with itself, interestingly, when you are doing the same.

The brain can work in a high degree of synchrony even in the midst of pain, danger, and extended use. States like worry, agitated indecision, rage, resentment, jealousy, revenge are states in which the brain works in efficient synchrony, to wear itself out and wear itself down.

In a high degree of brain synchrony we find a high degree of consciousness. With that high degree of synchrony and consciousness we also find a positive, guided, direction-pointed, and for want of a better word “appreciative” vibration.

Appreciating, in this sense, means open, apprehending, discerning, considered, and receptive in a positive sense. Our beliefs and our feelings, our apprehensions create vibrations that most affect the binding activity of  ligands to cells, affecting the very basic activity of cells.

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson told us in her landmark research that one of the effects of positive emotion was thriving at a cellular level.

Our “vibe” is all about thriving at a cellular level.

The phrase that I would use beyond thriving is “flourishing at the level of the communities of cells.”

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Dr. William K. Larkin
  • Dr. gloria wright

    BrainSynchrony is a challenging concept. Simply put it’s our brain humming and working at its best. One thing that interferes with Flow is resistance. Resistance is like hitting the brakes on Flow. Resistant energy is putting our momentum in reverse. Resistance doesn’t contribute to our aliveness.
    Being open and receptive and focused and grateful aids our systems with fuel. Optimism and positivety add strength to our psychic energy. As Dr. Larkin says, “The amount and the way we are alive to life, our
    aliveness, pretty well describes our ‘vibration’ or our ‘vibe.’” So what kind of vibes are you giving off?
    And our vibrations are connected to how good our brains feel and how good we feel. You get a sense of another’s vibration level when you engage with them. Some people are like tapping into a rote recording. Sometimes I fantasize saying, “Hello, is there anybody in there? Hello, is anybody home?” Conversing with some people is somehow uplifting. Afterwards you feel a slight glow and a little more zest. It tickles our brains and our feelings. They add a little spark to your spunk.
    I love Dr. Fredrickson’s concept that when we are truly connecting and experiencing positive emotion, that we are thriving at a cellular level. The next time you have a delightful encounter, you could say, “Oh, so good to talk to you. You make my cells sing….” Do you think they’ll get it? I foresee smiles.

  • Kelsey Abbott

    Our brains, much like our muscles, like to work. The brain likes to be challenged, giving us an opportunity to use our strengths, to be curious and discover new things or new limits. When the brain is working in this efficient manner, we are in flow. This is what happens at a cellular level and everything that happens inside is reflected on the outside.

  • Alan Cohen

    I love the portion of this blog which talks about how the brain loves to solve problems. I find that my strenght of creativity enjoys the creative process of solving problems. This, however, is not the state that I wish to be in over long periods of time, I much prefer being in a state of flow, creating something exciting and new, versus working to solve a problem. I feel much more of a sense of aliveness when I am in flow, versus solving problems. I much prefer to use my psychic energy in creating relationships, connecting, in communication, and innovating.

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