The “Motherboard” Of Your UpSpiral Brain

Brain Wires

You’re growing the UpSpiral of your brain, the “motherboard” of positivity, meaning, and a growing sense of personal significance.

Your brain is reorganizing and building a huge new superhighway, and there is a little traffic congestion of your many, many thoughts and feelings everyday.

You’re tired and you want a break, and you want something new, very new, and while your brain is trying to get the superhighway built, some of your other roads are worn and clogged, and being defragged and forgotten. And the meaning you thought you had is slipping through your fingers.

You feel like you’ve hit a brick wall.

Your brain feels scrambled because you’re putting in a new mother board, and it’s only half installed. So you have to rely on the old system, half of which is unplugged until the rest of your mother board is fully installed -that will be about 2 years or more depending upon how much you resist, and get depressed, and hide.

When the superhighway is built and you start zipping across it, who knows what “debris” you will have left behind, but this is all very normal, very predictable. It feels crazy and it feels like the world tastes like dirt.

Everything has lost its savor, like the junk food you used to like that isn’t good for you, and it needs to change.

But that is just part of the new super highway mother board.

One day again, you will zip even faster than before, the sun will rise on a new day, and your real friends will marvel at how wise you have become and how much more sense you make, how you’ve “changed.”

Someone should have told you that this is something like menopause: you can make it really miserable or you can set aside the fear because this is all very normal.

You can’t fully move into your new brain until all the wiring is done, so pulse gratitude while you wait and have some fun, think about what you really want,  and see what happens to your brick walls.

I know that you think your past life was difficult, even seen as traumatic, and you may now even believe that you wasted many of those years. But that isn’t the truth, if you will consider that it has been your ride and you’re going to be uniquely wise because of it.

I promise you that your neighbors and friends are going to be surprised.  When the new board is installed finally, and new meaning is there and you run it around your brain, you’re going to be happy you went through this growth.

You have to stop feeding the old dogs that really aren’t there, and you have to find some new dogs to feed that give you back what you are now clear that you want.

© Dr. William K. Larkin 

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Dr. William K. Larkin
  • Dr. gloria wright

    Worry is like an ole dog that keeps showing up to be fed – in our minds. It’s amazing how many times a day I have to wake up to my “worry” thoughts and say, “Stop, Reboot,
    Pulse positive thoughts and emotions.” Sometimes it seems like a hundred times
    a day that I have to push stinkin’ thinkin’ out of my head. It does get tiring
    and boring, but evidently old, replayed messages are dying a slow death –
    and I have to stop feeding them with my air time.
    And now Dr. Larkin says it takes two years to really rewire our negative brain patterns into positive brain power – or is that patterns? Well shoot fire and save matches, it’s a good thing I got started this early. J Seriously, I could still not know that I can train my brain and my emotions. Who would have thought…. And who would have thought it would be so challenging and intentional? Not me. I want to walk my talk – better with a little help from my
    friends. So I keep plugging away.
    It’s as if every week is starting on my new year’s resolutions. Really. How many times do I have to remind myself to practice my positive habits? I’ll be so glad when my new superhighway of positivity is the norm and not the exception. My faith and hope lie with the myriad of supporting research that “shows” that being positive and upbeat is good for our health, our lifestyle and even our longevity.
    Dr. Larkin says it well, “You have to stop feeding the old dogs that really aren’t there, and you have to find some new dogs to feed that give you back what you are now clear that you want.” Okay. Feed the “good” dogs….

  • Mary Garvey Horst

    Such a powerful and delicious image – “the new super highway mother board.” As one who has been in the process of installing new positivity (UpSpiral) circuitry consistently over the past several years, this blog post speaks to what has been directly occurring in my brain. I smiled when I read the line: “I promise you that your neighbors and friends are going to be surprised when the new board is finally installed.” So true! The ongoing practice of the ANI principles and neuropositive approach does change one’s thinking and feeling over time as a way of metaphorically putting in a new mother board.

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