The Greatest Issue Of Our Time


The great problem of our time is not the suffering, the incompleteness, or some existential angst about the state of the world or ultimate reality.

It is negative self-absorption that refuses to find the good in today and to celebrate and to bring joy to ourselves in such a way that we ARE joy to those around us.

The epidemic of depression in this country today is not because we are worse off.

It is because we are worse at knowing how to live with positivity that leads to a deeper sense of meaning & personal significance.

We have not learned how to see that our cup is overflowing everyday.

We have not learned and developed that perception or the interior life that produce it.

The so-called negatives in life (which always have the clues for hope and creativity) and even times of grief or complicated grief seem to undermine the basic lessons of positivity just because they exist.

The argument for positivity is often given as “yes, but what about when times are really bad and really negative? What do you do then?”

One of the things you don’t do is live less alive today because you believe you are somehow getting ready for the tough times by not being too happy or too joyful, so you will be less hurting when the tough times come.


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Dr. William K. Larkin
  • Dr. gloria wright

    I too think chronic, low-grade depression is epidemic in our country. I’m not sure of THE why it is, but it certainly makes sense that our negative thinking, our negative emotions and our negative beliefs are contributors. It seems easier (and maybe safer) to conjure up the negative and dismiss the positive.

    For one thing, this is a bad habit – to see the worse-case scenario. So – we need to change our “habits.” You can train yourself (I’m in training ) to refocus on the positive. This doesn’t mean that you are never sad or angry or disillusioned, it means that you manage your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. It means that you intentionally and purposefully, return to a state of positivity. It means that you look for and experience meaning and purpose and significance in your life.

    My daddy used to say, “Watch the company you keep.” Your company can influence your joy and your view on life. Smokers hang around and travel with smokers. Active people seek active people – to be active with. So why not seek joyful people to spend time with? Being happy and positive is a lot easier with “good” company. And who seeks your company? I find victims and those who constantly play “ain’t it awful” and “poor me,” are not likely to seek optimistic, joyful, positive people. Thank goodness!!!!

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