Science is the Servant of Intuition: God is Busting at Your Seams to Reveal Through You!

Science catches up with intuition and consciousness.

Eventually science proves or will prove the truth in each, but it can never be the gate keeper of imagination, intuition or consciousness.

To the contrary, intuition is the shepherd of science.

Eventually science catches up and proves what the mystics and contemplatives have known through experience and observation. It is exciting when Science.jpgneuroscience proves that meditation and thoughts can change the brain, but changing the brain in these ways has gone on forever, before science proved it to be true. And now science sharpens and refines what intuition and imagination have already crafted. In doing so it teaches us how to do better, with greater skill and for the masses.

And, by the way, experience and observation are also practices of the scientific method.

Today’s science of hypotheses and double-blind studies, important as it is, has great limitations. There are these intangibles -great benefits to things like joy, happiness, virtue and values- that we are just beginning to find ways to scientifically measure. If we wait for science to catch up with consciousness, belief and hunches, opportunity will have passed us by and imagination will have fizzled.

It’s essential to have the support and safety of science because this knowing takes us to the next cutting edge of imagination and intuition. But all the data, Einstein would tell us, is not a requirement for thinking, imagining and creating, and it is not a replacement for “just knowing that you know that you know that you know.” For Einstein, “imagination” is of paramount and singular importance in living and discovering.

There is nothing quite like a strong inner voice, cultivated by sound spiritual practice over time; its refinement is one of the great gifts of the second half of life.Mandala.jpg

However, we can also get hung up in this “sound spiritual practice” stuff. God is bigger than a set of requirements. Listen to your gut and imagine, listen to your gut and imagine, listen to your gut and imagine, and you’ll get better and better at it over time. God is busting at your seams to reveal through you as you.

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Dr. William K. Larkin

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