Restless, Listless, Out-Of-Sync, Unsettled

Down_Spiral2.gifThese are the words that describe us when we are not playing to our strengths. They are the things we experience when we are playing to our weaknesses. When you know your strengths (because they have been scientifically tested) it’s easier to play to them as long as you stay in an UpSpiral. In a DownSpiral, or when we are down spiraling, we will not play to our strengths, but rather to their opposites, which are our weaknesses or our character defects. The opposites of our strengths are wonderful things because they warn us by feeling restless, listless, out-of-sync, unsettled, bored, irritable, and frustrated. The more we play to our weaknesses the worse these things get.


You know your strengths by taking the tests that we give that reveal to you what they are. However, your weaknesses that are the opposite of your strengths are uniquely yours.  Only you really know what they are. Take a piece of paper and list your strengths. Then list what the opposite of that strength is for you. How does the “weakness” side of the strength show up for you?  What is your unique way of expressing the opposite of your strengths?


A good exercise is to make a list of your strengths and score how much you are using each one on a scale from 1-10. Then on the opposite side of the paper, to the left of your strengths, list your weaknesses (what for you is the opposite of your strengths). Score how much you are playing to your weaknesses from 1-10.  Add up your final score for each column. If they match each other, your weaknesses are cancelling out strengths and the pleasure you get from using them. If the score is higher for your weaknesses, you are in a DownSpiral.


Get the score for your strengths much higher than your score for weaknesses. We can show you how!


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