Pulsing to Oneness

There is within us this search for unity, wholeness, and oneness. We are always being drawn to it and the more separated we are from ourselves and others and from this ultimate source of unity, the more discontent and out of our own skins we are. We are drawn, as if to a magnet to Oneness and Unity. But how to get there?

Magnet2.jpgAs simple as it is, our state of mind can take us there by plugging us in to this sense of unity. When you practice the Emotional Gym, especially the exercise of pulsing, you are going to be headed in that direction. Even in the beginning, when it seems that you can’t even feel the feelings of love, peace, gratitude and joy and you can only think them, the contrast of that experience causes you to look at how your thinking or your behaviour needs to alter, usually just a little at a time. By no means do we have to be in a perfect place to feel any of these emotions. They will come just by wanting them and they will increase over time. You do not have to be whole or well or complete to get them. These feelings are at your finger tips and they are there for you all the time, even in the midst of loss and difficulty. They are present and possible even in pain.

Positive emotions like joy and love lead to a sense of unity. In the face of anything, you can have them. In the midst of suffering, you may bePiano5.jpg only able to think them, but by wanting them, they come. Begin by pulsing them on a scale of 1-10. “1” is a little bit of them and “10” is a great amount. It is not great amounts of them that matter; it is small amounts of them over time that matter.

100 pulses of love, peace, joy and gratitude a day will do more for you than one or two very big experiences of these emojoy.jpgtions in a month. Just pulse a little of them each day, over and over and over until they become the ambient sound track in the back of your mind. They will begin to play like a song that you can’t get out of your mind.

Zorba, in the midst of deep grief over the loss of his son, chose to dance. Dance with these emotions that are also states of mind, and your intention to feel them will grow, and they will answer you back and grow within you.

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Dr. William K. Larkin

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