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Look at my dazzling diversity of Light exploding… or… Fireworks with no sizzle, I’m burned out!

Look at my dazzling diversity of Light exploding… or… Fireworks with no sizzle, I’m burned out!

I have chosen to begin this blog on July 4 as we celebrate “Independence” Day. As we celebrate this glorious day of “independence”, it is significant to our work to realize that freedom that is external requires of us an even deeper inner freedom. It is too easy to be free on the outside and bound inside. The challenge is to become aligned with our real genuine wants and desires. A large percentage of Americans report that they are discontent with their jobs and even more report that they don’t really know what they want out of life. If we do not come to an inner alignment, we burn-out eventually and the drinks and fireworks that keep us out of our own UpSpiral stop working- the drinks don’t let us escape and the fireworks of life have no “bang”.

In quantum physics, we learn that the Zeno Factor tells us that what we focus on, literally where we put our focus, slows down the molecular structure of neuropathways and that they become fixed. Everything is really about the focus of the energy of thought and the mindfulness, or lack of it, that is a sign of knowing what we want and desire and pursuing it. We call it your VibeCore.

Sometime ago, I spoke to a group of attorneys, many of whom were described as having “burn-out”. It is true that the legal profession has become the group of professionals with the highest health risks, lowest scores of well-being and life satisfaction, highest divorce rate, and the highest rates of job dissatisfaction. How is it possible, you may ask, that a group of highly educated, very intelligent, and well-paid professionals can have such a high rate of burn-out and radical Downspiral experience? It must be “the system”. I think not.

Of particular concern is the fact that people who spend more of their time in a DownSpiral rather than an UpSpiral have twice the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke. Think about that!! Remember, there is absolutely no statistical correlation between happiness and education, happiness and money, or happiness and employment. Most Americans report that they are unhappy with their jobs. There are two basic problems here, and neither one of them is “the system”. The system provides these very gifted attorneys with its own gift – a remarkable “system” that is a “hothouse” for growth. Any job in which you are discontent is a “hothouse” for lessons about happiness. It is like the “hothouse” of a relationship with another person; it always pulls the best and the worst out of us.

There are two significant answers here. The first is that you can’t “burn-out” in a job if you stay in an UpSpiral, and the second is that you can’t stay in an UpSpiral unless you know and use your strengths. I am told that pessimism and Downspiral thinking are just necessary for attorneys to be able to do their jobs; they have to think from the negative side. The truth is that we use pessimism and downspiral thinking when we have not known and exercised our unique strengths that keep us in an UpSpiral. That is where you find the expansive ability to perform any task or job. tcaps cloud You can be more insightful, more perceptive, and more creative in problem-solving by using your strengths. Anyone who thinks that pessimism is necessary in making accurate decisions is just simply wrong; the research is that indicates that it is, is very incomplete.

During my presentation, I had handed out an outline and a graph and when I asked the attorneys to turn to the graph, one young attorney who may have had too many cocktails during the “cocktail” period before dinner, responded by saying, “Are you trying to education us?” God forbid that anyone should try to educate a burned out attorney! And therein lies the root of the problem. When you are in a DownSpiral and you are full of pessimism and feel burned-out, it is hard to learn, hard to hear, hard to be open to what will help you because the nature of a DownSpiral is to a process of “narrowing”. The Zeno Factor is at work in either an Up or a Down Spiral.

If you are “burned out”, then you may need to get out of the kitchen if you can’t stand the heat. However, this is the promise. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, before you take your present set of issues to the next job- and you will carry them there with you- learn to live in an UpSpiral and learn to grow your strengths. The “baggage” that you think the system created is still your baggage and you will carry it with you into the next position or the next system and certainly into significant relationships, in one form or another. You can begin to move into a new synchrony of the brain by increasing gamma waves that preserve psychic energy; that not only make you more productive but increase both your life-satisfaction and your well-being.

This isn’t just about acquiring new information- this is a life and death issue! Beyond that, it is an issue of experiencing the fully-lived life.

So to the young attorney who asked, “Are you trying to educate us?” my answer is absolutely “yes” to her and to any discontented worker/person. There is a whole new world of learning out there that is much better than living in the “dark ages of the DownSpiral”.

“Aliveness” most describes what it means to be human and there is a whole emerging body of knowledge and practice which supports this truth. This website and blog launch are part of that emergence. Welcome to the Applied Neuroscience Institute, dedicated to your engagement with independence, personal freedom and a deepening of your aliveness in the UpSpiral!

You are, in your essential nature, fireworks with a dazzling diversity of light, sound, and spectacular and awesome surprise.

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