The “Open Doors” Of Your Life

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VibeCore is the place of your basic movement into and attachment to the world.

It is the place from which you either “go for it” or you don’t.

What you want may change in the process of bringing it into your life. It may change in nature, and it may come in a different package than you expected, but it will come.

What is the proof of this? Is there a proof? Yes. There are two places; the first is not as important as the second.

The first is research and the second is your history.

If you look at your history and you are honest, the proof is there. If you look at your history and you have shed the skins of the past, so you are not looking like or sounding like a “victim”, the proof is definitely there.

If you aren’t feeling sorry for yourself and if you’re honestly assessing where you are in life, you will find that you have gotten pretty much everything you have wanted in one way or another.

Where one door may have closed another door opened. Because you are born with resilience, “bounce back”, and an enormous capacity to process and learn from what has happened to you, in such a way, that always, where one door has closed, another has opened. It has brought, often disguised, what you really wanted.

You may not have liked everything you got.

You may have changed your mind about it when you got it, but all it did was form the next desire, the next want, and then you went on to get that in some form or another.

It is also true, if you are honest with yourself, that what you have resented and been angry about for a long time or whined about forever, has resulted in you creating more of the same in your life. Maybe you don’t like what you got, but you got what you wanted and it tried to teach you how to want with more clarity and self-understanding.

What we are getting now is still trying to teach us these lessons. If you see what you have gotten – whatever it may be – as a gift, that it is always a gift and are willing to learn the lessons it teaches, then you will get what you want faster and the next door will open more quickly.

Actually, the next doors open very quickly, usually. This whole process of life has been in the process of strengthening your VibeCore, if you are honest about it.

We do not spend nearly as much time as we think wandering in dark hallways unless we choose to.

The greater responsibility you take for having largely created your own life, the more freedom you have and the greater your sense of your own power.

The greatest proof of your VibeCore and its power in your life is finding its truth in your history. If you are honest, you will conclude that you have brought into your life, by the match of your wanting and believing, most everything you wanted.


© Dr. William K. Larkin 

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Dr. Donald B. Johnson
  • Kelsey Abbott

    I agree. We create our lives and, with openness and faith we get what we desire. Two years ago I really wanted to improve my run form. And I was blessed with a stress fracture two weeks before Nationals, my biggest race of the year. I was devastated. I grieved. And then I leaned into the experience and noticed the gifts. I got to spend lots of extra time with my husband and my dog. We explored loads of mountains in Maine and had a wonderful time being together in nature. I got to work with a physical therapist who happened to specialize in run form–and as I healed, my run form improved, just as I had wanted. The stress fracture was also confirmation that something was off in my overall health. I am so grateful for the experience. I got exactly what I wanted.

  • Alan Cohen

    I remember once hearing someone say that the Universe is always asking us to pay attention, but we need to be ready to hear it’s message. So first it hits us with a little ping pong ball, and then it becomes a tennis ball, and ultimately, a bowling ball. At that point, we notice,

    The point of being conscious and aware is to notice who we are being, and what we are creating in every moment.

    When I am truly clear about what I want, and why I want it, and resonate at that frequency, I absolutely believe that I attract that it into my life. When I am confused and unclear, I believe that I create a reality of more confusion and lack of clarity. I create what I want, and I create what I don’t want.

  • Dr. gloria wright

    Whew. It’s a big deal to take responsibility for the belief that you have created your life just the way it was and is. In my mind, I see how I wished it had been different, but it’s hard to see the clarity of my choosing it. Why would I choose a marriage that ended in divorce? Maybe the lesson is for me to make better choices in choosing friends and partners…. Please let me make choices that are for my highest good….

    Our vibe core, the essence of who we are, is drawing our desires toward us. When we see ourselves as victims, we are victims. When we see ourselves as grateful and happy, we are grateful and happy. Sounds so simple, right? For me it takes mindfulness, intention, focus and staying tuned in to myself. I still have to monitor my thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions. I’m not always vibrating my desires at the highest frequency. But my batting average is going up (and down, sometimes) in staying the positive and being conscious of what I want.

    I was a bit shocked when I realized that I thought I knew what I wanted in life – but was challenged to articulate it. One assignment was to make post-it notes with my desires and wants written on each note. I thought I would generate a 100. When I struggled to identify 10, I knew I wanted to figure it out. Again, it sounds so easy. Give it a shot and see how easy is truly is for you. And may it be!

    I want to believe Dr. Larkin’s words: “The greater responsibility you take for having largely created your own life, the more freedom you have and the greater your sense of your own power.” May I draw into my life what is good for me and enhances my happiness, health and well-being. And you too!

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