National Relaxation Day…Did You Miss It?

Saturday, August 15th was the date…a whole day set aside to remind us of the need to relax! It seems typical of the age we live in that we need to be reminded to Planner.jpgtake the time to adjust our daily routine and consciously dedicate one whole day to relaxation. And for those of us who didn’t even know there was such a holiday, the reminder to pause and focus on what brings a greater sense of peace, relaxation, and yes, even fun, to our lives, is a sure sign that we need to mark our calendars now for every August 15th in the foreseeable future!

A recent post on the website provides some recommendations on a proper observance of this holiday. They include:
• Take the whole day off, lounge around the house; just enjoy a lazy day.HourGlass.jpg
• Read a good book, watch a movie or TV marathon that you enjoy.
• Spend the day in a setting that is tranquil and relaxing.
• Spend time relaxing on your patio or deck.
• Take a technology break. Let your calls ALL go to voice mail. Revisit your connection with silence and nature.
• Pamper yourself with a massage or spa visit.
• Take a break from cooking and household chores. Order out or dine out.

There is a Starbucks4.jpgwhole new branch of positive psychology dedicated to the nature and importance of “savoring” in our lives. Recent studies in this area have confirmed what to many may seem obvious, i.e., that there are significant physical and emotional benefits to one’s ability to focus on the positive feelings associated with everyday activities. This means, for example, that an otherwise perfunctory visit to Starbuck’s becomes an occasion for savoring. When I first came to the desert, and found my favorite coffee spot, it became a place where I began to connect with others. I became aware as well of how long I had waited to relocate here, how much I loved the desert landscape, and of the joys and challenges I had met along the way. These all became the “fuel” of my savoring. And eventually, all of this became an occasion of even deeper gratitude for my very self and for my journey.

So, mark your calendars today…don’t let another holiday like this one get away. Savor the idea that there even is such a holiday, and sBuddha2.jpgee if you can begin to celebrate it a little every day.

Why wait another whole year? Go ahead, relax right now and savor the positive emotions you feel.

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Dr. Donald B. Johnson

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