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Meaning Making Brain

Your brain has an optimism bias, by the nature of your evolution.

You have a biological, genetic bias in your brain that moves you toward an UpSpiral.

The longer you live in an UpSpiral, the more you stay there and move up, instead of DownSpiraling. Learning to be constant in the higher states of an UpSpiral, you build your UpSpiral energy until you reach a tipping point, where you have trained your brain to cooperate with the optimistic bias, rather than to block it and to create some kind of disease or dread or stagnation in your life.

Yes, you can undo the optimistic bias of the genetics of your brain. You have the power to rewire your positively inclined brain to stagnate, be pessimistically biased, and as a result, the higher forms of structural unfolding in your brain, that are higher forms of creative reasoning and problem-solving, don’t unfold.

If you DownSpiral enough you become depressed. We have a national epidemic of DownSpiraling people.

Can we tell people to dream and to vision? Most certainly.  But these dreams and visions come from a process of learning to live in an UpSpiral, of learning and using strengths, and learning to live in a state of flow that affects the nature of what we image.

NeuroPositive™ is our trademark process aimed at the growth and strengthening of the neuropathways in your brain that enable you to be in an UpSpiral more of the time.

NeuroPositive™ is about growing a more positively biased, more hopeful, more creative, alive-to-life brain.

It is about the creation of higher and higher levels of aliveness and optimal performance.

It is about aliveness and health.

The NeuroPositive™ Method creates an UpSpiral, and it is in this UpSpiral that you are healthier, more creative, more likely to use your strengths, and better able to creatively know and assess your options.

One of the 7 steps of this method is goal-setting, what we call the “FuturePac.”

The issue that underlies the formation of goals is meaning-making.  How do we make meaning?  What are the constructs of meaning-making that provide a sense of personal significance.  These “meanings” are different at different times in our lives, so a knowledge of developmental issues is important.

There are stages in life with different kinds of meaning attached to them, related to getting one’s needs met, having relationships, a sense of personal power and self, and finally transcendence of some sort or another that represents the attempt to encounter “oneness.”

As important as stages of development are, what’s perhaps even more important are the transitions between them.  People who are solidly established in a stage of their development of meaning are not likely to seek coaching.  At least they are not as likely as someone whose life is blowing up and whose sense of meaning is disintegrating because they are in a transition between the stages of making sense of their life and their world. 

We need to know how people are making meaning before we believe that their goals are real representations of something that will give them any kind of lasting value, if they, in fact, don’t just fizzle and are ever accomplished.

We especially need to know if a person is going through a life transition that is causing them to question meaning in their lives before we agree to assist them in attempting to put great effort into pursuing goals that will be fleeting, in either accomplishing them or in feeling any sense of fulfillment in having done so.

The UpSpiral is the thriving, flourishing movement of your psychic energy used most efficiently.

It is your brain’s best anti-toxin. It creates integration and wholeness, and it links more and more neurons for the unfolding of higher structures of reasoning and problem-solving, leading to the creation of meaning, personal significance, and a set of goals which translate it all into action and manifestation.

NeuroPositive™ is the heliotropic, growth-seeking, life-seeking, creative, unfolding evolution of personal life.

About the author

Dr. William K. Larkin
  • Mary Garvey Horst

    I remember when Dr. Larkin began to talk about Extreme Positive Deviance or the creation of higher and higher levels of aliveness and optimal performance. This really intrigued me, and as I do, I started reading about this field. The ANI trademark – NeuroPositive ™- is one example of applying extreme positive deviance to one’s life. I love Dr. Larkin’s final line of this blog article – “NeuroPositive™ is the heliotropic, growth-seeking, life-seeking, creative, unfolding evolution of personal life.” I’m all in for that!

  • Marsha Copeland

    Too often and more than enough of distractions that encompass ones life lead to the down spiraling and disconnect of why one is here in this physical form. Not only do I want meaning and personal significance but I want to feel the ride to the fullest. I want to know what it means to be a Spiritual Being condensed down into a physical form. And possibly witness the potential that can go beyond ANY of my wildest dreams! Oh yeah!

  • Nick Earl

    Great stuff, I love the topic of meaning making! After all, what is life without meaning? I think this is a HUGE part of keeping people in an Upspiral. We can’t truly be happy unless we’re being true to ourselves and what life means to us, and what it’s caused us to evolve into. I would guess most people have no idea what has value, what means something in their life, let alone how to get into alignment and live from a place of connection with that meaning…

  • susanwhitcomb

    I love that we are wired for optimism. Without optimism, our cave-dwelling ancestors would likely still be in caves, fearing shadows, cold-and-damp, and afraid to go out and seek food. Optimism in the 21st century NeuroPositive™ brain, as Dr. Larkin trumpets, is “life-seeking.” I love this! It says to me that we can go out and look for, dream, and attach ourselves to the things that are truly meaningful to us in life–the things that bring us joy and energy, and bump us even higher into upspiral–and do so without guilt, without fear, without uncertainty. I love NeuroPositive™! (Ha ha … we need teeshirts reminiscent of I <3 NY that say I <3 NeuroPositive™! 😉 )

  • Deborah Logan

    Love using the “brain’s best anti-toxin” – the UpSpiral. The more I do this work, the more it works for me.

  • Karen Pierce

    Most significant to me in this article is the directive to know my client’s meaning making system before assisting them in creating their futurepak goals. This speaks to professional responsibility to having my skills on track with best practices of the ANI method, and being ethically responsible for a client’s best chances of a desired and meaningful outcome. I would like to see this demonstrated in a session with a client on video. Thank you Dr. Larkin.

  • Deidre B.

    My 5 strengths…the interesting thing is that 4 of 5 totally compliment one another. That was somewhat of a surprise. It shows me how my strengths work together… And maybe that is true for others… It also underscores why, when working from our strengths, things can seem effortless as opposed to when things seem like work, it is probably that we are working from a point of our weakness. Because my strengths seem to be so tightly woven with each other, I have to remind myself to be aware when things may seem difficult, to take step back to access how I can address a situation or challenge with my strengths as my tools. That sounds like a huge challenge to me!

    What was definitely surprising was the recommended action of pairing myself with someone of Focus and Discipline strengths. Are these people who can feed my desire to exchange ideas, pontificate and wax poetic?

    Which explains my love of telling stories because I do, indeed, love the details… LOL.

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