In Tune With What You Want?

Let’s talk about the whole idea of a personal vibration.

It is not a new idea. You really already know about this if you listen to your “gut” or your intuition, or the sense you have when you walk into a room. It is so much a part of us that we don’t even really notice it, but we use it all the time.

However, it’s possible to be out of touch with this vibration and to be unaware of it as well.

A vibration is your “vibe,” it’s the vibe you put out to others about who and how you are. And it’s the vibe you pick up from others about who and how they are. It is so close to you it’s almost like an instinct.

It can come as a surprise, though, that we may be better at picking up someone else’s vibe more than we are aware of what is our own vibe and what makes it what it is.

But how can it be possible that three simple things- knowing what you want, believing you will get it, and openness to how it will come, can constitute your vibe?   How, you may ask, can it be that simple? It really isn’t simple.

Profound human issues are behind each one of these three measures of you. But you can be sure that the truth of them is as real as the beat of your heart and the pulse of your own personal rhythms in life. This vibe is you in profound but simple ways.

This vibe tells a very great story. Perhaps the most amazing thing is that others can pick it up so easily, at least those who are tuned in to others. Oftentimes we pick up this vibe from others before we are even conscious that we have registered it in our consciousness.

What about a vibration being like a magnet? Does it really have an attracting or “drawing” capacity?

Think about it. Does the vibe of another person attract you quickly to them or repel you from them?

As you tune into that person, does it draw you more or are you increasingly uncomfortable that there is a lack of compatibility on some level –that you are just not coming from the same place?

Or is there the other experience of “like mindedness” or that “this person ‘gets’ me or at least could when we are more acquainted?

Think also about how, the longer you are around another person’s vibe, that you have learned to be so used to their vibe that you can read them in an instant. We sometimes call it reading their “mood,” but this is much more than mood.

Mood is an outcome of what we call one’s VibeCore.

There is at the core of us this “vibe” thing and it is going to pretty well be described by three measures: wanting, believing, and openness.

A tuning fork is an instrument that allows a sensitive and trained ear to hear the correlation between a note that is played and its synchrony to the energy pitch of the tuning fork.

We are like that note being played, and our Mind can be like a tuning fork. We can become accustomed to “hearing” if our vibration is resonating with our VibeCore. This is a way of talking about what constitutes the “notes” we play and how they resonate with the rest of the world.

The questions are: are we in tune with ourselves?

Are we in a state of “mindfulness” about our inner vibrations?

Can we hear our own inner VibeCore and “tune” it in to where we want it to be, and to what we want it to be attracting in our world?

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Dr. William K. Larkin
  • Dwayne Paro

    Over the years having dealt with intense anxiety in my early years I became very in tune to my emotions, thinking and choices. What I have found is, to use one of Dr. Johnsons terms, I have become sloppy at times, not only in my emotions but also in my thinking and choices at times. When I do this I find myself to not be in my flow or anywhere near my flow for that matter.

    I feel I have a good ability to pick up on someone else’s vibe. This can be both good and bad for me depending on my reserve I’ve built up of positivity. If I have been intentionally building my reserve then if someone’s vibe is pointing to a DownSpiral I can be better suited to help them. If there is vibe is pointing to a UpSpiral then I can be in flow with them and add to my reserve while enjoying the process. On the flip side if my reserve is low I don’t feel I can provide much support or value to someone else who is in a DownSpiral. If there vibe is in the UpSpiral I gain energy and confidence from them in the process of being with them.

    Our choice needs to be in the UpSpiral with a positive vibe so that we can attract more of those that are in the same. This is true in all aspects of our lives.

  • Dr. gloria wright

    Whew. Dr. Larkin states that, “knowing what you want, believing you will get it, and openness to how it will come, can constitute your vibe” – your vibe being your energy level. The energy you feel and the energy you give off to others. We all have a vibration but how aware are we of it in ourselves and others? How much attention do we give it? I know
    that my vibration level goes up when I’m around people I like and people who like and accept me. I have a tendency to turn it down when I don’t feel safe.
    But connecting our “light watts” to our knowing what we want and believing we’ll get it? And then adding to that openness (NOT controlling?) to the outcome? We’re talking a challenge here. I think the openness is connected to the magnetic part. We draw to us what we want. Like attracts like. Drinkers attract drinkers. Optimists attract optimist and so on. So, if you know what you want, do you attract others who know what they want? If you have and/or
    want a high vibecore, wouldn’t it behoove you to hang with others who have high vibes? “I like your vibes, man,” does sound like the good ole hippy days, but you know what I mean, Vern….
    There are people you can think of that your energy shifts when you spend time with them. Some you feel drained. Others you feel a little lighter or more joyful. There are those that are easier to get in sync with. Those you trust to tell what you want. It seems to me to be in tune with what you want, you’d choose the company of those who are like you want to be. For me that’s Happy!
    I’m doing a workshop on ZEST for a women’s retreat this week-end. In pulling the handouts
    and creating the activities, I was all over the concept of vibes without using that word. I did create an activity of doing post-it notes of what you want to have more ZEST in your life. A different language for “what do you want to have a higher VibeCore in your life?”

  • Kathy Lee

    It seems logical that if we are in an UpSpiral, resonating with a high VibeCore, clear about wanting, believing and allowing ourselves to receive what we desire, that the goals we set in that state would bring enrichment, value and meaning into our lives. I find that it is fairly easy to help myself or clients set goals. What is more difficult is to set a goal that upon its achievement a sense of profound fulfillment and satisfaction is experienced. It seems that setting meaningful goals needs to be accomplished after having reached a basic level of UpSpiral or positive emotions. Enlisting the imagination to support the successful attainment of that goal is another support in the goal-setting process. What will you have when you reach this goal? What impact will it make in your life? What difference will reaching it make in your world? What is the desired impact of reaching this goal? What is the importance of attaining this goal? What will it mean when you get there? These questions may be useful to ask. Questions are such a great portal into the goal-setting process. I’m continuously searching for better questions to ask clients so they can set goals that move toward a positive future.

    The Vibe tuning fork: if I’m the note and my mind is the tuning fork, does my mind register the note or does the note find the tuning fork pitch and align itself to the tuning fok, or is it both processes happening simultaneously?

  • Sheila

    I believe that I have always had a finely tuned intuition around the energy, or, vibes of other people. As a career recruiter for 20 years, this ability has served me well.

    As regards myself, however, perhaps that insight has not been as consistent. I definitely know when I am “sunny” and I certainly can tell when I am ‘dark”……….it’s all the in-between “blah” days that are a little harder to get a handle on. They are not as dynamic, so, they can slip past you, without you realizing.

    I would love to have more of the ‘sunny” days and I definitely get myself out of the “dark” days, as they are no fun……and need to be addressed, but, I would not say that up until this course, I did anything particularly to address those “blah” days and “blah” vibrations.

    I actually think I can be quite adept at disguising those vibrations from others…….probably years of putting on a ‘sales’ face…….but, internally, I know the difference.

    What has been new over the last few years, is, that I have been able to open up more and acknowledge the “blahs”……I have let go of this need to seem totally together all the time to the outside world……….but the exciting thing now is, in doing this work, I don’t need to wait for something external to happen to cheer me up and make me feel alive. I can access and work on my own positive emotions, live in the upspiral and through that allow flow to come in………

    I am beginning to understand the power of the brain and that we are the ones who actually have a choice in our own personal outcomes. Like choosing to go to the gym for my body; choosing a healthy diet; choosing people and activities that add joy to my life…..I can choose to tune to a higher vibration and through that, attract what I want in the world.

    Going to the gym and eating well to keep my body in good shape requires some effort; mindfulness and yes, repetition……while I enjoy exercise there are days when I feel lazy and could skip it, but, I know that if I do, I will feel worse for it, so, I get out of bed and go anyway…..

    The daily emotional gym and other activities/exercises are in many ways the same….I could skip them, but where will that leave me? If I do them and repeat them, mindfully, I am doing for my brain, soul and spirit what I do for my body by going to the gym….

    I choose to have control over this and thereby, yes, I can “tune” my vibecore to attract what I want in the world……..the more I choose this, the more I repeat the exercises, the more I remain in the upspiral, the more I am in flow……the more the Universe will provide and the easier it becomes…….:))

  • Kalah Vaughan

    I have found that no limit poker to be a large passion of mine. Over the years I’ve held a talent on being able to “read” people during the hand. I would read their body language or watch their expressions. I would also take note of the energy that they are putting out. As I am reading the blog it resonates with me that I am actually reading their vibrations.

    I have gone into rooms and had people put off a vibration that I did not want to be any where near,on the contrary I have met people that I felt instantly comfortable around. Reading someone vibration and having our own vibration in tune is very important. It does seem easier to read others vibrations than it is to read my own. I wonder what I can do to fine tune my own vibes. The article states that the vibes can be measured in three parts; wanting believing and openness. I feel that I have the wanting down, and most days I am believing. But it was not until we learned about vibe core score that I realized how much control I was putting on “how” I would receive things. I am in the process of learning to be more open and honestly it feels great. I am not meant to know the “how” for everything that will take the surprise out of life!

    I will continue to work on my own vibrations and I will continue to read other vibrations while playing poker. It has come to my attention while I am “reading” these players, I am really reading the vibrations of the “wanting” if they are oozing want from their body during a hand that is the the signal I am picking up on. It is almost a desperation signal that want me to fold or stay in the hand. They really have nothing and want me to fold, or they have a great hand and wanting me to call. Excellent break through either way.

  • Echo Macdonald

    I think I have known intuitively about a person’s “vibe” and my own for quite a while. I see my vibe as something like an emanating energy that goes before me when I’m in contact with others and seeks to touch them on an emotional/spiritual level preceeding any physical touch. Kind of like “putting out feelers”, like the glowing extended eyes of deep sea fish who live in darkness. I think we all have the capacity to both extend ourselves and encounter others through our sense of vibes. Maybe it’s another form of non-verbal communication. We might need the lights inside of us to be just a bit brighter…

  • Yvette Gauff

    As a musician, I love the musical ‘bent’ of this post.

    We are all aware when a listening to music if an instrument is out of tune or a note is being sung off key. We can hear it. It is the same with our vibes. In the same way that a musical composition has a rhythm and key, we do as well. We each have our own individual “song”. And when we are off key it is apparent, if we’re paying attention. If we are “out of sorts”, having a bad day, or moment, it is usually evident. The vibe that we emit reflects how we are feeling, and how in synch we are with ourselves and the world around us. We must pay attention to our vibration so we can draw to us, what we desire.

    Are we in tune with ourselves? Are we in a state of “mindfulness” about our inner vibrations?
    Can we hear our own inner VibeCore and “tune” it in to where we want it to be, and to what we want it to be attracting in our world?

    As we get clearer and more specific about what we want, increase in our faith and belief that we will see it manifest in our lives, and are open to how it comes, we are learning and perfecting our song, which is putting ourselves in mindfulness regarding our vibe. We have learned that our brains produce what we focus on. Knowing this, it is key to maintain a positive state of mind, and remain in the Upspiral, by using our emotional gym, pulsing, and other exercises. In this, we are paying attention to how we feel, creating positive energy though our positive mindsets and upspirals, and we are indeed tuning our VibeCore and causing a vibration that brings to us that which we desire.

  • Yolanda Smith

    The older I get, the more I rely on my “gut and intuition”. Time and time again I have discovered that these gifts are a very reliable source for guiding me. From saving my life, to career decisions, to not marrying the wrong man, my gut intuition has and continues to serve me well.

    How many times have we engaged in relationships, friendships or even jobs that we knew in our gut wasn’t right. There is such a high price to pay for not following your intuition.  Yes, Vibe is well able to attract or repeal and will let you know that there most certainly is a lack of compatibility. So why is it that we don’t follow this? Why is it that we push pass and not listen to our God given   innervoice?

    I have found over the years that when you come across someone who is like-minded, it is usually an instantaneous connection that is made. It happens without a lot being said or the investment of time, The connection is spiritual and it is sure. It also works in the opposite, as when you meet someone who you just don’t Vibe with, it doesn’t take long to know it.  It doesn’t mean that they are a bad person, they just don’t connect with you in that very special way.

    This whole world of VibeCore, Upspiral, Emotional Scale, Gut & Intuition, is such a beautiful and amazing spiritual journey.
    I am forever grateful to Dr. Johnson and Dr. Larkin for creating this course. It has  helped me to clearly see the marriage between Science and the teachings of the Bible.

    I can truly say, that taking this course has helped me to understand, that it’s okay to want things for my life without feeling guilty. That being said, I am free to want, to believe that I can have it, without worrying about how I will obtain it.

  • Eddy Macdonald

    “I’m picking up good vibrations…”

    I like the assertion here that out vibe is an accurate summary of our true selves – who we are, what we believe, what we want, etc. I wonder how linked this attraction/repelling that we feel with others is to where they are in the US/ES and how similar our wants, desires, and beliefs are?

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