I Want To Simplify My Life –Beware!

If you want to simplify your life to more deeply immerse yourself in something that gives you pleasure or something that you love, then go for it. But if you want to simplify your life because you want to retreat or escape what you perceive to be the pressures of life, watch out! If you want to simplify your life because you feel oppressed or overwhelmed, watch out! First of all, life is not simple; it is highly diverse and complex. Look at nature and all of creation; you are greeted with great complexity. It is the nature of the Universe. You are a part of the diversity that is intended to express a part of God as the unique person you are.

Simplify your life for the wrong reasons and you will find yourself taking care of a partner who becomes ill or involved in a family feud or caught up in things you never imagined could fill your time.

You are designed to be involved in life. You are as innocent and beautiful and in need of stimulation as an infant in the eyes of Source. You are designed for “experience”, “savoring life”, deepening meaning, and joy –all of your life.

The retreat from life that is isolation and disinterest, a slow “unplugging” from the stimulation of “aliveness” is not how you are made. You are just not created that way.
Complexity that is creative, diverse and novel –new stimulation is something the brain and your Spirit need all the days of your life.

Too often the desire to “simplify” is an escape from using your strengths to live life in “aliveness”. The hole you create from the motives of escape, withdrawal, and fear will be filled by a tumor, by depression, by becoming ornery and crabby, or by someone else’s problems which you feel compelled to get involved in.

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Dr. William K. Larkin

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