How Positive Are You?

Your state of positivity is a direct predictor, not only of your sense of life-satisfaction and well-being; it predicts how you thrive at a cellular level. Did you know that at a cellular level, what you take in is not as important as what you get rid of? It’s what you don’t expel- what you retain- that needs to be eliminated from your system. That’s what can cause a wide variety of problems. And it’s directly related to your state of mind. The more positive you are, the more you are in an UpSpiral, the more you thrive, getting rid of unneeded toxins. I encourage you to take The Positive Mind Test, see where you score, and then take the test again in 6 months. Right now it’s free. Order my book Growing the Positive Mind or enroll in one of our programs and see if you do not grow your positivity. One more thing. You’ve heard about “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction. What do you think? I’ll let you in on a secret; the more positive you are, the more you will bring into your life what you want. The less positive you are, the less you even know what you want, much less have the personal power to attract it!

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Dr. William K. Larkin

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