How Do You Talk To You?

In studieAmygdala.jpgs done at Harvard in neuroscience, we know that whenever a person uses a swear word, it arouses the amygdala of the old brain, the place of strong negative emotions. When we read a swear word, it arouses the basal ganglia which, among other things, establishes our habits.

Our swear words often make up our inner self-talk. If anyone on the outside talked to us like we talk to ourselves, we would battle with them.

Talk to yourself like you would like others to talk to you. Talk to yourself in the kindest, most gentle and forgiving way. Talk to yourself in healing ways.

For example:

I am a wonderfully kind, sensitive and cariHeart4.jpgng person. The mistakes I make aren’t nearly as significant as the good things that I do. My good so far outweighs anything wrong that what is wrong is disappearing. People like me. People love me. I love me. I have the best of intentions and I see the best in myself and in other people.

I am attractive and I attract into my life what is good and lovely.

Say itHeart5.jpg and mean it and another part of your brain, called the anterior cingulate, which is the “heart” of the brain, activates feelings of love, peace, joy, and gratitude. The anterior cingulate will also lesson the negative activity of the amygdala of the brain.

You are what you think and you become the emotions you live in. Your brain remembers how you talk to yourself.


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Dr. William K. Larkin

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