How Do You Shed The Skins Of The Past?

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There is a strong cultural bias when it comes to feelings. We tend to believe that negative feelings always have to be aired or talked out or resolved.

We tend to believe that there is a negative energy in negative feelings, that if not aired or released, will always double back on us as repressed conflict.

The truth is this: what you focus on is what you get more of.

We shed the skins of the past IF –  and this is an important IF –  we are moving forward, growing, learning, developing, and exercising our strengths.

The NeuroPositive Method ™ is a research based, neuroscience framework for personal and professional growth, including professional coaching, increasing the positive neuroplasticity of the brain, integrated with an intensive focus on developing positive and powerful, practical strategies and tools.


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    I am not a huge fan of snakes, although I have had to overcome my fear of them, as there are some places in the world that were on my bucket list for hiking that happen to have poisonous snakes. In my work with ANI I have felt myself wriggling out of an old skin that was no longer serving me. Shedding that old skin is allowing me to grow. If you are looking to shed an old skin, go for it!

    P.S. A strange fun fact about shedded snake skin…it is supposed to bring good luck.

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