Health At The Cellular Level

There is not a shred of evidence that correlates health with negativity.  On the contrary, the overwhelming amount of evidence is on the side of the connections of positivity to health and well-being.

The most compelling research concerns an UpSpiral of positivity and thriving at a cellular level.  This thriving means that the cell eliminates what it needs to expel and assimilates what it needs to absorb.  This is the crux of cellular health and healthy cell mitosis (cell division and growth).  It is the best anti-toxin. What cellular elimination really means is getting rid of what the body doesn’t need or shouldn’t have taken in to begin with.

The cell wall is actually the brain of the cell.  The nucleus of the cell, previously thought to be the “brain” of the cell, is actually the reproductive center of the cell.  This cell wall reads and hears (psychophysicists now tell us that our cells hear at the same audible level as we do) the mood and state of mind that is governing our world.  We live where we are feeling and experiencing.  We live and attract from our consciousness. 

Our feelings are really where we live.

We know that our “community of a billion cells and more” has incredible systems of communications.  Everyday we decide what that communication will be by the state of mind in which we choose to live (or don’t choose and just allow to happen to us).

Living in an UpSpiral is a decision for health at its most basic level.

There is little, if anything, that is more important than our decision to live in an UpSpiral.

Ultimately, as our UpSpiral builds over time, everything is affected by that decision, including our most basic cellular thriving and flourishing.


1) Describe your personal journey to thriving and well-being based on the research presented in this blog. How has this ANI research impacted you? Give us several examples and tell us your story.

2) How has your personal and professional work with the concept and research of the ANI UpSpiral confirmed your belief in personal thriving and flourishing? Describe (1) coaching tool you have used for yourself to support this growth in UpSpiral cellular thriving.


1) “Our feelings are really where we live.” Comment on this concept from the blog in light of your own personal experience. How do you see your SOM (State Of Mind) as your “personal anchor?” How do you see your fundamental “emotional set point” as a barometer of your personal well-being? Tell us your story.

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