Healing Memories And Memory Strains: One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

Negative Brain_Hemispheres4.jpgmemories are linear and they are managed by the left hemisphere. The left hemisphere will give you whatever negative memory or collection of them you need to sustain isolating and playing it safe. The left hemisphere, completely on its own, will store your memories of a “door that closed” so that you don’t even consider where a new could or even has opened.

For every door that closes another door opens, in one way or another. ALWAYS

Negative memories and their patterns lose their power to create isolation and the host of other issues that comprise structure of blocked, negative energy by the way they are integrated by the right hemisphere. There are over 100 billion neurons and thousands of connections, numbering into the trillions and trillions of connections, that are at work here either holding you back or moving you forward into healthy engagement with the world around you.

To heal a memory or a pattern of memories, do a very simple thing.Door_Open2.jpg

For the last year, write down (yes, please write it down) a description of any door that has closed. Then honestly and openly ask yourself to consider what doors have opened (and please write that down!) -so you can see it all in front of you.

Then write down every door that has closed for you in the last 5 years. Beside every door that has closed, ask yourself what door has opened and write it down.

Do it then for every 10 year period of your life and write it all down.

If you get stuck, ask someone who knows you well to help you.Open_Door4.jpg

The left hemisphere in your brain will keep very good linear track of every door that has closed for you. You can draw upon this store house to explain every “why” of almost any behavior you want to justify, rationalize or think you are solving by asking “why.”

Now do some real work with solutions. Realize that the right hemisphere of your brain is in the business of opening a door, and it always connects you in a much more positive way with your world of feelings and experiences. If you will give your permission, the right hemisphere will always open new doors.

One door closes, another door opens. Always, if you allow it.


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Dr. William K. Larkin

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