Gamma Waves: Measuring Positive Energy

What do you know about measuring positive energy?

We have all heard about alpha, beta, theta, and delta brain waves at some time or another, but who has heard about GAMMA waves?

They are a 5th brain wave and a way of measuring yet another energy of the brain. We have known that Gamma waves existed for a long time. We could just not measure them because the instrumentation didn’t exist.

How many forms of energy are there that we haven’t learned how to measure –like the energy your face emits when you are smiling as opposed to worrying?

Gamma waves are very rapidly moving, highly energized waves of brain energy that signify, at least on one level, the presence of high levels of compassion during meditation.

Monks who practice Compassionate Meditation, such as Loving Kindness Meditation, are able to achieve very, very high levels of Gamma waves. They are indicators of a high level of energy going on in the brain while they meditate.

And here’s the real significance of all of this: the presence of gamma waves is a sign that the structure of the brain is changing from flight/flight to calm/connect.

Think about this –energy we didn’t know how to measure we can now measure.

What’s next?

What do you suppose is the energy of positivity? What do you suppose is the power of the energy and positive believing that you can or will do or have a great thing in your life? Suppose you really, really believe that you are going to be an accomplished artist.

There is positive belief energy as surely as Gamma waves exist. We just don’t know how to measure that energy.

Do you think that energy could be magnetic? Could it be synergistic?

Another way of asking those questions is this: could you believe that the high and consistent energy of believing something good can happen or come to you can be both magnetic and synergistic (that it can grow bigger and bigger just by the nature of existence?

I do.

I just haven’t figured out how to measure them yet except by the end results, the outcomes.

There is one thing that I can measure. I can count the number of people who believe very powerfully, who can image and vision what they want and then end up getting it. I can also count the number of people I know about who are cynical and miserable and who despair and who are full of resentment and jealousy of the good that others have obtained and know how miserable they are and how lousy their health is.

Common sense gets me to the point where I know there is big, big difference in the success and happiness of these two groups. Actually, what I really know is that if one person’s belief is strong and is synergistic and draws to itself what it seeks (is magnetic) then it can also happen to other people.

Isn’t it amazing how far just common sense can take you? Reasoning and observation are still very powerful things.

A powerful and wholly respected form of research is observation. Darwin’s research is observational. Einstein’s theories are also theories.

They are both theories that can be proven by observation and not research using control groups of college sophomores and sometimes fishy statistics. After all, the three biggest lies are statistics, statistics, and statistics! You can see that I am having some fun here to make a point.

There are energies that we cannot measure YET. One of them is the power of your “believing” or the power of your positive “emotions” as energy.

There is an energy about you. We call it your VibeCore and we believe that it is both synergistic and magnetic. We believe that it gets you what you really want. Both the scientific method of observation and the research called the scientific method point overwhelmingly in that direction.

What is the energy of faith? How do you measure it?

What is the energy of belief? How do you measure it?

While we wait for the answers to come in, join us in learning how to do your VibeCore and grow the power and potency of your own knowing, believing, and receptivity to what you really, really want in life.

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About the author

Dr. William K. Larkin
  • Kathleen Burkhalter

    I’m happy to watch how things come to fruition when staying consistently in the UpSpiral. I think it will be great one day to be able to clinically measure gamma waves, but until then, it’s sort of like an endless Christmas where surprises and coincidences keep feeding and validating plans and goals. And with time, resilience truly is developed. Over a year I have been actively practicing the NeuroPositive way of life, I have found that when something negative occurs, I feel it, but then in a relatively short time, I’ve bounced back. It’s like having an unshakeable core of positivity and hope. I’m grateful.

  • A. Fagan

    I believe in the concept that all things are energy and are vibrating. I know everything is made of atoms and molecules. I also recognize and can feel how my energy changes. I am able to access my energetic states, when I become aware of myself and my emotions. I appreciate anything that reminds me of my energetic reality including the Calendar Work, my strengths, and all of the Seven Promises.

  • Melissa J Burgess

    I have already noticed a shift within myself when a conflict arises and I turn to loving-kindness meditation. It changes my thoughts from needing others to help me to others have their own needs that are important for them to tend to. Practicing this meditation has allowed me the opportunity to self-correct. No one needs to do anything different for me to feel better, it is up to me and I can do it. Turning to my strengths tunes me into Source Energy and elevates my mood through positive emotions. What a gift that is so readily available. I feel such appreciation for ANI’s assistance in pulling together all of this information together and sharing it in the perfect sequence. I am aware of my expansion through my VibeCore and it continues to deepen.

  • Maureen Fluke

    Gamma waves are such an amazing part to study within the field
    of Neuroplasticity. What I found to be so profound in these studies is that not
    only is this about creating a state of mind(State of Mind Management) that
    significantly increases my positive emotion, but it has affected the area of my
    brain known as the Amygdala in becoming less active to negative emotions. The study of gamma waves are so incredible that even understanding the benefits of being in someone presence who produces high gamma waves can significantly change my own level to become even higher. In looking at this research it helps me to see how important the work here at ANI is. It also helps me in understanding my part daily in applying the emotional gym and doing the emotional scale & Upspiral scores. In doing so I find myself in flow. This simply yet life changing techniques have helped me to form a stronger desire in my wellbeing and in doing so I keep expanding my visions in producing a full, happy and productive life. It also allows me to see the amazing impact that living my life from a positive state of Gratitude, Joy, Peace, Hope, and Love not only has on me, but the impact in changing the world around me.

  • Christina Waller

    “Another way of asking those questions is this: could you believe that the high and consistent energy of believing something good can happen or come to you can be both magnetic and synergistic (that it can grow bigger and bigger just by the nature of existence?”

    I have experienced this in many areas of my life. The most recent being in my Thai Massage/Acro Yoga Training. My Thai teachers call it the “Thai Bubble”. Thai and Acro Yoga work from a place of Meta/Love. Each person attending the training is requested to work from this place of pure unconditional love. I bring this up relating to the question posted above because this experience was one of the first times I was fully engulfed with understanding this concept of “high and consistent energy of believing something good can happen or come to you can be both magnetic and synergistic”. During the training I was sleeping better, growing physically stronger, and attempting things I never thought I could manage to complete. Being around others who shared this belief reminded me how strong believing is. How having faith in yourself directly affects what we get from the world.

    This post reminds me to slow down, stay focused and believe. Anything is truly possible through utilizing your strengths and having faith in yourself.

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