Gamma Waves and Gas

If we were just one particle as worried about the cost of psychic energy as we are about the price of gas at the pumps, we would have the brain synchrony that would produce the consciousness and enough UpSpiral thinking and “feeling good” in living that there would be a thousand ways around the price of gas. Nothing could be more important than how you spend your psychic energy. You have more than enough psychic energy when it is not wasted on worry, fear, anxiety and dread. Gamma waves are the result of the brain running on consistent positive emotion. Gamma waves create brain synchrony. It represents an easy flow of problem solving that can only be experienced in the UpSpiral. It represents the brain working as a unity, burning just the right amount of its fuel, which is glucose. It is the “gas” of the brain and it needs to burn evenly and with synchrony. Love, peace, joy, and gratitude are emotions of choice, not of circumstance. Wherever the price of crude oil goes on the world market, the price you pay for your using your brain’s energy is always your choice. The better you exercise that choice, the less the price at the gas pump will bother you, and the less it bothers you, the more efficient the energy will be on all levels of your life. Try it; just see if brain synchrony doesn’t also increase the efficiency of the gas in your tank over time. Love, peace, gratitude and joy increase fuel efficiency in the long run. Put it to the test!

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Dr. William K. Larkin

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