Freedom Leads To Undiscovered Freedoms

The Lincoln Movie…

150 years since the Emancipation Proclamation.

I saw the new movie “Lincoln” and a particular statement credited to Lincoln jumped out at me.  In the journey to abolishing slavery, a major fear was what would this new freedom mean, what would it unleash?  Even those in favor of abolishing slavery were voting against the amendment to abolish it because they could not foretell the consequences.

Could it be that what we fear most is freedom and its consequences? 

Marianne Williamson may be correct in her famous quote that what we most fear is our own power.

What Lincoln is able to get his detractors to consider is that freedom on one level raises our consciousness to recognize where we are not free, and to seek even greater freedoms.

Freedom begets freedom, enslavement begets enslavement.  This is exactly what we know to be true about living increasingly in an UpSpiral of greater and greater personal freedom.  In an UpSpiral we are freer to choose our action and we have greater access to our strengths. 

We are less bound by the narrowing of negativity and broadened by the greater freedom of “feeling good” to choose those things that make our life better.  We are freer to recognize and to choose what makes our life move in the direction of greater freedom and less personal oppression.

The UpSpiral is about ending the enslavement and oppression that we most of all create for ourselves.  It is about freeing ways in which we hold ourselves bound by habitual choices that are negative and that do not give an optimal sense of living our own lives. 

Our greatest oppression and enslavement is not living the freedom that is ours or that we free ourselves to experience.  And when we do, deeper and deeper levels of knowing what freedom can be emerge.

Lincoln was absolutely right. Becoming freer at one level lead to a greater realization of freedom we don’t have or don’t allow ourselves to have.

We have an enormous freedom to just “feel good.”  That is what our UpSpiral at “100” represents– simply feeling good.  That is what we most want –to feel good. 

We want the resources and advantages that are ours to lead to “feeling good” rather than the ways we can oppress ourselves. 

Life in an UpSpiral of “feeling good” is a journey from personal enslavement to greater and greater freedom.   The Emancipation Proclamation dates to 9/22/1862.  We are living 150 years after that proclamation and we are still moving from enslavement to freedom. 

The greatest freedom is the capacity to exercise the freedom we already have.  We do not do that living in a DownSpiral of negativity. All of the research is telling us that we do this from the freer dimension of life of an UpSpiral.

How free are you?  What is your enslavement?  What feelings of negativity and what self-limiting thoughts and beliefs enslave you to a lesser good and a lesser life?  How do you exercise the freedom to live in an UpSpiral and choose for that dimension of life that creates and allows life, your life, to more freely evolve?

Your brain is wired for freedom.

How are you cooperating?

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Dr. William K. Larkin

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