Feeling Threat Or Safety?

Threat Ahead

We are on the side of history that studies the light-seeking, positive orientation of the Mind upon its servant, the brain.

We are traveling on this NeuroPositive, growth-evoking, light-seeking journey.

This shift to the knowledge and practice of NeuroPositivity is part of the shift of consciousness of the planet.

What is positive and good is everywhere, but it requires a lens. That lens is to see what is negative as a departure from the norm, and not the rule that determines our life and well-being.

What’s your lens?

Do you want to make yourself feel “threat” or “safety”?

Right now your heart is beating in a way that is signaling to your body that you are either safe or feeling threat.

Which is it for you?

It is entirely possible to be in threat when there is no real threat at all; we just think the negative thoughts that put us in threat.

In SAFETY your parasympathetic systems has you at rest, restoring you, healing you, building up your resilient reserves.

In threat, your sympathetic system is arousing the hormones of defense and flight and flight.

Your brain can be caught up in that process.

The negative has us fooled. We are seekers of light.

That is the choice: calm/connect or fight/flight?

Which describes you?

It is not a requirement to exhaust the lens of the negative before you can pick up the positive lens.

It is a more educated choice in the direction of the nature of being itself, but you may have to turn off the television, stop negative conversation and gossip, and generally be much more selective about what you take in, to claim the lens.

We can change our world of “threat” by our perceived notion that someone is getting ahead of us by checking our own need to worry about getting behind, losing time, having to hurry, running out of time, not getting everything done, and just letting it go.

The right side of history is the way the river is flowing, and that is in the direction and with the force of NeuroPositivty: well-being, improved health, thriving relationships, a deeper sense of meaning and personal significance, and increasing longevity.

© Dr. William K. Larkin 


About the author

Dr. Donald B. Johnson
  • Shuhan Yang, PHR CPCC ACC

    Without our conscious awareness, we process information from the environment through senses and detect if a person or situation is safe or threatening. This detection then triggers neurobiologically determined prosocial or defensive behaviors in us. This is the default “lens” we have had since infancy stage. However what we are learning here at ANI is to get on the path of light-seeking, downstream and optimal living through NeuroPositive methodology. We are here learning to build a “lens” that helps us depart from our default negativity that triggers us to perceive threat when threat is not really there.

    When we make a conscious choice to live in UpSpiral, we engage the parasympathetic nervous system of restoration and creation; we allow the unfolding of our nenurocognitive developmetnal process, which is health and well-being fundamentally expressing and evolving; we also have a greater possibility of living in flow when we perceive and respond more with safety rather than threat to what seems to be an entirely normal day. The rewards of all these of course are increased well-being, longevity, deeper knowing of who we really are & our wantings, increased level of resiliency to bounce back in difficult situations, etc. This is our job as a coach as well as a personal practitioner of this methodology.

  • Dr. gloria wright

    Somehow it has been a challenge to stay in the positive when exposed to the current presidential election. It seems both candidates are in a negative, slanderous state of reference. To think that this is the frame of our potential presidential leader, does alarm me. But that is beyond my control. So I do loving kindness meditation phrases for the candidates. Worrying surely doesn’t help me and puts negative energy into the world.
    So I stop, reboot, reframe and breathe in love and breathe out peace a lot.
    I can feel the electricity that goes through my body when I let myself get alarmed. It’s a familiar state but no longer a welcome one.
    I do my best to intentionally be in a positive space. I know it matters. I know it is good for me. I purposefully strive for (Dr. Larkin’s list): “well-being, improved health, thriving relationships, a deeper sense of meaning and personal significance, and increasing longevity.” May the Force be with us – seriously!

  • Michelle Carl Rizal

    We truly are in an amazing time of our lives! With technology and a wealth of information on our side, we can choose to educate ourselves on what it means to lean towards positive neuroplasticity.

    Having a choice and the idea of choosing the lens from which we want to see the world is one of reasons why being in this Applied Neuroscience Institute course inspires me. I am constantly adjusting my lens and I am constantly making a choice. It is amazing how I’ve grown to be more selective of what I watch and I’ve been more aware of the impact of positive and negative interactions. With ANI and the building of the emotional gym, I am enjoying the focus on building a buffer against negative thoughts and feelings (internal + external forces) and build a better immune system and overall well-being and psychological capital.

    As the weeks have passed, I am paying more attention to learning and growing and using my strengths and being more mindful of creating a predominant mental attitude as a “buffer” to the day ahead. At the same time, I am also mindful of having kindness and compassion to oneself—a key factor in living an UpSpiral life.

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