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In your desire to grow a more positive mind, your neurons are actually doing that growing.

Your mind has an enormous capacity to program the growth, the structure and the nature of your brain.

We already know that the brain has this capacity to be highly malleable, called neuroplasticity.

Your brain will wander if you let it wander, it will unfold if you just want life “to unfold.”

Or it will grow in a positive direction that enlarges your strengths, sheds the negativity of the past, and increases your creativity and your intelligence, your joy and your capacity to “feel good.”

And it will do so all of your life until you die.

Until recently, neural networks in adults have been thought to be fixed and immutable, without the potential to regenerate.

No longer. Current research has overcome this view and has shown that the formation of new nerve cells (neurogenesis) also takes place in the adult brain.

Neurogenesis can be promoted by new learning, physical exercise, and most significantly by growing a more positive mind, more frequently accessing positive emotion, and growing deeper meaning in your life.

Little could be more frightening than taking on positivity seriously, because it would mean so many changes in our culture – a culture of victims always chasing some kind of healing, and so involved in healing that living life is obscured and the pursuit of happiness is viewed as a hope rather than a constitutionally guaranteed right.

It’s time to learn this for yourself. It’s time to join us for our next Course in growing positivity for yourself.

This Course is a 20 week in-depth introduction to the integration of the significant research in the neuroscience and positive psychology of positive emotion, well-being, and meaning, with applications to personal and professional growth, including professional coaching.

Whether you are an already trained coach, counselor, yoga, wellness or fitness trainer, business or non-profit executive leader, or are just anxious to increase your own personal well-being, the purpose of this course is to learn the neuroscience, positive psychology, and NeuroPositive™ tools which ground our brain-growth model, the NeuroPositive Method.™

The NeuroPositive Method ™ is a research based, neuroscience framework for personal and professional growth, including professional coaching, increasing the positive neuroplasticity of the brain, integrated with an intensive focus on developing positive and powerful, practical strategies and tools.

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