A NeuroPositive™ Spirituality?

It is hard for us to believe, in practice, that the light (our inherent pull toward goodness) is stronger than the darkness of human free will. 

I am still practicing the brain coupling that tells me that goodness is at the heart of every person I meet, even though some are a little harder to connect with than others! 

In one way or another, we are going to find that our lives and those around us are constructed brilliantly to pull us toward the light, if we allow it.

This is our most essential “heliotropic” nature; we are seekers of the light.

We believe that the UpSpiral experience and the experience of the States Of Mind of The Emotional Gym are expressions of the nature of God, of the Divine (Source, Universe, Allah) whatever name you might want to use.  If our UpSpiral were set at over 100 (Feeling Good) to numbers for bliss and ecstasy, we would be talking in more spiritual language, because it is often used to describe these experiences that are called “unitive” in the language of mystics and contemplatives.

Behind the scenes of my writing and these ideas is a realization of the revelation of ultimate reality as an UpSpiral, expressed through the transcendent experience of NeuroPositive States of Mind.

The nature of “god” and the force of evolution operate most easily, readily, and forthrightly in what is good, what is positive, what is uplifting, and what allows for the freedom of the evolution of the self in an UpSpiral.

This introduction intentionally opens the door for spirituality.

Spiritual experiencing or revelation comes most solidly from an UpSpiral, rather than the conversion experiences that are more associated with DownSpiral experience. 

It may (or not) be helpful to see religious dogma and doctrine, the stories of faith from religious tradition to tradition, as ways of seeing truth that guide us in various stages of making meaning in life. 

The fact that religious traditions may not literally be true does not make them symbolically less powerful, but oils the wheels of metaphor through which only the unitive reality or “oneness” can be expressed.

What is at the heart of all of this is this issue of good and evil. In our work with strengths, we know that our weaknesses are very regressive, idiosyncratic expressions of our strengths.  

The exact opposite of our strengths has the potential for being our greatest evil.  But the positive end of the strength has the pull.  One reason is that our brains are built with an optimistic bias.

What I believe may be best expressed in a metaphor from Esther Hicks. 

Source is well-being and the river of well-being runs in one direction only.  It’s when we turn against that source of well-being and go against that tide of good, that evil emerges as an expression of free will. 

That is the “rubber band:” we can stretch goodness and its opposite very far and very taut, but the stronger end of the pull will remain constant like the flow of the river- in one direction, and that is in the direction of goodness, positivity, vibrant health, abundance, and well-being.

About the author

Dr. William K. Larkin
  • Mary Garvey Horst

    What you have expressed here, Dr. Larkin, resonates with every cell in my body-mind-spirit. The manner in which you have correlated goodness, God-ness, and the UpSpiral of positivity without the overly of religious belief systems or doctrines allows me to relax into a state of “calm & connect”. Your ability to express this unitive consciousness with utter simplicity and accompanying depth truly moves me into a state of awe and wonder.

  • Dr. gloria wright

    Sure wish everyone could recognize and believe that we are seekers of the light. But if one monkey washing their hands made a difference, so can we….

    I too believe that our Spiritual connection is more likely to occur when we are in a positive state of mind and experiencing positive emotions. When we are using our strengths, it is much more likely that the Universe will aid us. When I am congruent and grounded, it seems that positive and supportive ideas pop into my head.

    I have been Spiritual since I was a child. I have always had what I call “messages” seemingly out of the blue. These messages have become guideposts in my life. Another phenomenon that I count on is my Geiger Counter. It beeps as a signal to move away from or toward an idea or a person. In pursuing my goals, my passion let me know when I was on a path that supported my best self.

    I count on the Universe to support and guide me as I focus on my vision: “My vision is living a full, rich and meaningful life.” Sounds simple, but it has taken focus, hard work (to change negative habits), trial-and-error, and a lot of practice of the Emotional Gym for me to live it. May your vision become a reality!!!

  • Deidre B.

    John 1:5 The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.
    1John 1:7 But if we walk in the light…we have fellowship with one another.
    Matthew 5:14 You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.
    Isaiah 58:8 Then your light break forth like the dawn and your healing shall spring up speedily…
    Ecclesiates 2:13 …as there is more gain in light than in darkness.

    At least in the bible (my dogma of choice and thank you very much) everything about light is good. It (this aspect of light v. dark) is not necessarily about good v. evil, but definitely about knowing, not hiding and being open. A thing can be dark in a well lit room and not be seen. Consequently, an ever so dim light in a dark room cannot be well hidden. The fullest moon is not seen on the ocean at noon, but it CANNOT not be seen on a black sea. (No pun intended.) One of the first church songs we learned was This Little Light of Mine. We all have a light and it does shine. The light we seek is in us. If we don’t seek it, it is still in us. It is Joy and Peace and Motivation. He has built it into us from before birth. Ignorance is darkness. Knowledge is light. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. That broken clock exists in light at least two full minutes every 24 hour period, in truth. When we embrace the light, when we don’t try to hide it (as IF!) our light seeks other light. It can’t be helped.

    This talk about light is not all encripted. It is really isn’t all symbolic. It is real. It is positivity. And if you know that, believe it and are open to it, others who are of similar mind will find you. You will find one another and you will be in sync. I mean, that happens all the time with me. But, too, when you try to exist in darkness, you will attract those people, too. Attraction is simply attraction. It’s all out there for us to decide about and experience it we choose. And that is why He gave us Free Will. Without Free Will, we would be robots. Alas, we are not robots. We have choices and we all make decisions. We have the choice to be positive, live in an UpSpiral and in the ambient glow of our lights making them brighter…or not.

    Better still, we have the choice to seek out and exist with other people like us.

  • Katherine Armstrong

    This reminds me of a time many years ago I sketched a rudimentary picture of myself looking up at a bright, larger than life, Sun basking in its warmth. I have saved this picture and referred back to it many times throughout the years not knowing exactly what it meant only that it always provided me a sense of “knowing” and peace.

    It is as if I knew something that I could only articulate in an image. Reading this blog provides me with a story around my picture. The story of human nature seeking light (enlightenment). It
    is not about the words, terms or metaphors used as much as the meaning. There are many ways (religious, science, other) to explain our nature and desire to seek out a loving connection with
    each other, the universe and our spirituality. Most important is that the more positive
    state of mind we live in the closer we will be to our true nature – LOVE!

  • A. Fagan

    Our strengths definitely help us access the light within us. Turning to a strength increases the peace and connection with oneself. The light within then attracts the light without. Positivity and optimism build with each pivot to a strength.

  • Joanne E Harrington

    The opening sentence… “It is hard for us to believe that the light (our inherent pull toward goodness) is stronger than the darkness of human free will” is the focal point of this response. I have learned that once the darkness of human free will is brought under control through learning and developing NeuroPositivity (TM)., it is much easier to readily access and linger in the light of our personal significance and meaning making.

    Human free will that is without positive intention is a dark force. The darkness comes from the lack of mindfulness and focus on what gives us meaning and personal significance. It requires training and learning and coaching to coax our free will to remain in the UpSpiral. The more of us who learn to do so will magnify the Zeno Effect. We know this is possible from studies that have shown the powerful effect that intentional meditation has had when focused on an impoverished inner city school and and a crime ridden. Learning improved and crime was reduced.

    Our Spirituality is inextricably linked to our inner light and our connectedness to each other in a caring and loving way. All the well known religion’s in the World have as their basic tenant, the principle of respect and love for others. We know from research done in the 40’s and 50’s that we have the propensity to be drawn 9:1 to negative events. This Zeigarten Effect serves as proof that development of our Strengths requires awareness of this tendency to indulge the darkness of our free will. As we strengthen our awareness of this tendency, and strengthen our work in the Emotional Gym, we can use negative thoughts and feelings as cues to pulse and to manage our States of Mind so that we are back in the light of our innate Positivity.

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