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In Tune With What You Want?

In Tune With What You Want?

Let’s talk about the whole idea of a personal vibration.

It is not a new idea. You really already know about this if you listen to your “gut” or your intuition, or the sense you have when you walk into a room. It is so much a part of us that we don’t even really notice it, but we use it all the time.

However, it’s possible to be out of touch with this vibration and to be unaware of it as well.

A vibration is your “vibe,” it’s the vibe you put out to others about who and how you are. And it’s the vibe you pick up from others about who and how they are. It is so close to you it’s almost like an instinct.

It can come as a surprise, though, that we may be better at picking up someone else’s vibe more than we are aware of what is our own vibe and what makes it what it is.

But how can it be possible that three simple things- knowing what you want, believing you will get it, and openness to how it will come, can constitute your vibe?   How, you may ask, can it be that simple? It really isn’t simple.

Profound human issues are behind each one of these three measures of you. But you can be sure that the truth of them is as real as the beat of your heart and the pulse of your own personal rhythms in life. This vibe is you in profound but simple ways.

This vibe tells a very great story. Perhaps the most amazing thing is that others can pick it up so easily, at least those who are tuned in to others. Oftentimes we pick up this vibe from others before we are even conscious that we have registered it in our consciousness.

What about a vibration being like a magnet? Does it really have an attracting or “drawing” capacity?

Think about it. Does the vibe of another person attract you quickly to them or repel you from them?

As you tune into that person, does it draw you more or are you increasingly uncomfortable that there is a lack of compatibility on some level –that you are just not coming from the same place?

Or is there the other experience of “like mindedness” or that “this person ‘gets’ me or at least could when we are more acquainted?

Think also about how, the longer you are around another person’s vibe, that you have learned to be so used to their vibe that you can read them in an instant. We sometimes call it reading their “mood,” but this is much more than mood.

Mood is an outcome of what we call one’s VibeCore.

There is at the core of us this “vibe” thing and it is going to pretty well be described by three measures: wanting, believing, and openness.

A tuning fork is an instrument that allows a sensitive and trained ear to hear the correlation between a note that is played and its synchrony to the energy pitch of the tuning fork.

We are like that note being played, and our Mind can be like a tuning fork. We can become accustomed to “hearing” if our vibration is resonating with our VibeCore. This is a way of talking about what constitutes the “notes” we play and how they resonate with the rest of the world.

The questions are: are we in tune with ourselves?

Are we in a state of “mindfulness” about our inner vibrations?

Can we hear our own inner VibeCore and “tune” it in to where we want it to be, and to what we want it to be attracting in our world?

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