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The Mask of Positive & Negative Emotion

The Mask of Positive & Negative Emotion

Masks Emotion


Life in the UpSpiral…

That’s when we are most creative, most open to new ideas, and most in touch with and using our strengths to create.

We are only transformative in a sustained UpSpiral.

There is a genius in everyone if you identify your strengths and if you will maintain a conscious “weightiness” of greater positivity than negativity in your life.

Think about it.

Your goal is to LIVE YOUR SKEWED, WEIGHTED MORE TOWARD THE POSITIVE THAN THE NEGATIVE. That unleashes the genius in you and you begin to discover the zone of the “super you”.

You dream of it, why not do it?

Why not begin to build your brain in that direction? Everyone can, given the decision to do so.

Find your good and increase it by putting your energy there. Spend as little time as possible correcting weaknesses that will self-correct as you increase your good.

Most people spend most of their time going up and down from a little of an UpSpiral to a more and more DownSpiraling until that they have little hope and are satisfied with the status quo. Then the rest of life is spent wringing small amounts of pleasure out of the same old, same old.

It’s like having 800 stations on cable television and not really being interested in any of them.

Or it’s like living your life through the players on Monday night football because you can’t play your own game yourself. Are you satisfied with that, or does the booze just make it tolerable while you convince yourself you’re having a really great time?

Trying to convince yourself that life is really fulfilling when your gut tells you a different story is like choosing an “emotional mask” for the day, trying to convince yourself that it’s really you. Is it really news to you that this masquerade won’t transform your life but has the potential to send your farther down the Spiral?

Transformation happens when we are intensely “in our own skin”, living our own unique journey for the results we want in our lives.

From their success at it, those who have learned and practiced our work in NeuroPositivity know that there really is something to this business of remaining in and sustaining an UpSpiral. The ability to differentiate between UpSpiral living and DownSpiral living gradually became clearer and clearer.

In some cases they changed friends and surroundings, and they certainly became clearer about what they watched, listened to, and engaged in.

They became much more selective about what they wanted to feed their brain. Their brain food came under scrutiny. They moved from things that were unnecessarily negative, melancholy, and victim-supporting, to the things that feed a positive mind with new images, ideas, experiences, and even music.

Just naturally, they began to move away from things that were not UpSpiral things for the Mind and the brain; just look at the current negative media “loop of doom.”

They had long suspected that a persistent diet of negative news was not doing them much good, but they were convinced that they had to stay “informed.”  It was instead conditioning them to believe that it represented our world.

It may even be a little hard to believe that everyone doesn’t just “get” living in an UpSpiral. It seems to be such good common sense, even though you know better than that.

Isn’t it incredible that at this point, most all of your life has been spent somewhere in the UpSpiral, and comparatively little in the DownSpiral?

We wish it for everyone. We want it for those we love, and we’re even willing to do what it takes to help others to have the experience, or rather their experience, of what this journey is like.

NeuroPositivity is ready to fill a vacuum of emptiness or loneliness.

Do the work, and the “work will work for you.”






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