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Coaching Clients In Transition

Coaching Clients In Transition

Transition Labyrinth



It is a sense of personal significance that sustains a sense of meaning. We are meaning making all the days of our lives.

When a sense of personal significance is threatened it is because a way of making meaning in life no longer works to provide that sense of significance.

NeuroPositive Coaching builds a sense of meaning and personal significance in every client.

The NeuroPositive Method is a brain-based template for well-being at every stage of life.

One of the 7 steps of this method is goal-setting, what we call the “FuturePac.”

The issue that underlies the formation of goals is meaning-making. How do we make meaning? What are the constructs of meaning-making that provide a sense of personal significance? These “meanings” are different at different times in our lives, so a knowledge of developmental issues is important.

There are stages in life with different kinds of meaning attached to them, related to getting one’s needs met, having relationships, a sense of personal power and self, and finally transcendence of some sort or another that represents the attempt to encounter “oneness.”

As important as stages of development are, what’s perhaps even more important are the transitions between them. People who are solidly established in a stage of their development of meaning are not likely to seek coaching.

At least they are not as likely as someone whose life is blowing up and whose sense of meaning is disintegrating because they are in a transition between the stages of making sense of their life and their world.

We need to know how people are making meaning before we believe that their goals are real representations of something that will give them any kind of lasting value, if they, in fact, don’t just fizzle and are ever accomplished.

We especially need to know if a person is going through a life transition that is causing them to question meaning in their lives before we agree to assist them in attempting to put great effort into pursuing goals that will be fleeting, in either accomplishing them or in feeling any sense of fulfillment in having done so.

Every stage of life has its unique challenges in sustaining enough of an UpSpiral to do creative problem-solving, to create meaning, and to experience personal significance.

When this sense of personal significance wanes, so do eagerness, anticipation, and openness to experiencing life.

How we make meaning in our lives changes developmentally as we grow a more NeuroPositive brain.

Meaning Perspective

NeuroPositive Coaching gives clients the tools to successfully navigate the transitions of meaning making in every stage of life.

Each unfolding major life transition in adulthood has within it the potential of bringing greater wholeness.

These opportunities are often missed because they are diagnosed as mental illness, which can simply be a symptom of the poorly navigated transitions.

The brain in transition, changing its very structures of reasoning and meaning-making, is most at risk, but also most alive with potential.

Having the insight and vision to navigate these transitions is a highly developed coaching skill set, and a deeply significant time of education and guidance.

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