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The “Mirror” Of Your Mind

The “Mirror” Of Your Mind

Mirror Neurons 1


Tucked away neatly behind the frontal lobes of your brain are these amazing neurons of ours that help us to embrace “the other.” They are called “mirror neurons” and they enable us to experience the experience of another person, to the extent that we can, and that can be greater and greater. They are also the roots of the expanding awareness of the spiritual sense of the “the other,” but that’s for another time.

Start with people, one and a time, and you are also starting with the Universe.

Feeling understood is one of our most basic human needs- to get that sense that someone embraces who we are, not only for what we think, but for how we feel. It is this activity of being a kind of “chameleon” to the experience of another that bonds us to like-minded people and communities. It is the basis of friendship.

People who can’t or don’t use their mirror neurons have limited friendships and very small communities, or are loners.

Your mirror neurons, and your capacity to mirror the experience of another, help you and the other person to mature. It’s call mutuality. In a relationship of love between couples, it’s essential.

It determines whether the love in that relationship, indeed the relationship, itself, will last.

Can you experience the experience of another?

Not just as a parrot, mimicking back what somewhat is saying, but in an understanding an enlightened way, letting the other person know that you “get” where they’re coming from?

Mirror neurons grow when you use them, and so does maturity.

Find new balance and connectedness in your life by finding those people who can do the same for you.

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