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Happy, Happy, Happy?

Happy, Happy, Happy?



Positivity Isn’t HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY

You can be sad and be positive.
You can be frustrated and be positive.
You can be angry and be positive.
You can be uncertain and be positive.

Being happy is only one expression of being positive.

But being positive is a perspective, it’s a way of being, it’s a big part of your real nature. Being positive is the upward direction of energy and intention when you are in the process of expressing the end result. It is how you choose to be while you’re on the journey from one place to a better place. It is the bias of the very nature and structure of your brain.

Positivity is more like faith or being steadfast in what you believe, even when what you believe is changing or shaking.

Positivity is knowing that when one door closes, another door opens.

Positivity is moving forward and not giving in to despair and despondency.

It is refusing self-doubt and holding on the anchors in your life.

We cannot always be happy, happy, happy.

Positivity isn’t “happiology.”

But the inner anchors are there to find the meanings that sustain us through all of the stages of our lives, and even through the transitions.

© Dr. William K. Larkin 


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