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Mapping Your Brain, Setting Your Goals

Mapping Your Brain, Setting Your Goals


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It’s really our choice to decide how it is we want the “mapping” of our lives to go.

It’s our decision to decide where we want our lives to go. When we’re setting goals, we’re mind mapping, we’re brain mapping, and the mind is mapping the brain. When we’re setting goals, the mind is telling the brain where to go. The mind is telling the brain where to put enormous potential and enormous energy in the creative process.

The resistance to being very clear about what you want and setting goals in that direction is that one is being too controlling and now allowing things to just “unfold.”

Some say, “I don’t want to be such a controlling person that I give my life so much direction, I want some serendipity in my life.” What you’re really saying is this: You want “messy” in your life. That’s what you’re asking for: messy. And you spend time, if you do messy a great deal of your time, cleaning up messy and wondering where your life is going to go.

The greater the detail, the greater the direction, the greater will be the serendipitous surprises of how you are getting there.

This is an enormous universe. What you don’t want is all kind of random diversifying and random unfolding, but you do want enough novelty to allow you to form and change malleable goals that give you a sense of direction. What you want is significant unfolding that will take you in the direction that allows your potential to emerge over time. The greater the direction and its detail, the greater the desire, and great desire will change everything.

Negative core beliefs do not stand a chance is the face of a determined, clear will that both knows what it wants, but is also willing to alter those goals through viable feedback. You don’t have to go back over negative beliefs and your negative belief system and my dark side. Desire will take all of that along.

Where do you believe your desires, what you want for your life, are taking you?

What’s up ahead, what’s the “next great adventure” in your life?

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