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Every Cell Hears!

Every Cell Hears!

neuron2.jpgEvery cell in your body, recent scientific discoveries have shown,”hears.” Not only do your cells “hear” music at the same level of your audible hearing, but your cells also hear what you are feeling and thinking. Every thought, every feeling is heard by your cells, by sound waves and sensory transmissions that are audible to the sensory mechanisms of each of your cells. Stop and consider this for a minute. Every minute of everyday, you are telling your cells how to feel. How do you think that affects their health?

So what your cells assimilate and what they expel, and how they function in healthy or unhealthy ways is fundamentally and radically affected by their environment of sensory information. That information comes from your choices about how you feel and how you think. Positive emotion is the most powerful anti-toxin.

Make the choices for love, peace, gratitude and joy throughout the day. Maybe everything isn’t going like you planned or expected, maybe there is a downer or two, but you can still feel these emotions on some level of 1-10 from just a little to more and more. Can’t feel them at all, you say? Then think them. You don’t have to deny negative feelings, but you also don’t have to stay in them, live in them, or obsess over them. Let negative feelings be a signal to find something to be grateful for and start to pulse a little bit of a thought and a feeling of joy.Blood_thumb.jpg

You move in the direction in which you intend to go -into an UpSpiral or into a DownSpiral. And your cells are listening to the choice you make. What effect do you suppose this choice to feel toward the “good” has on the health of your always “listening” and sensory receptive cells, to each and every one of them?

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