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The “Tail of the Dog” That Bit You

The “Tail of the Dog” That Bit You

Anyone who has nursed a hangover from alcohol has probably heard the advice that what they needed was a little bit of the “tail of the dog” that had bitten them. In other words, the body’s reactions to withdrawal from alcohol consumption would be helped by having a little more alcohol to offset the symptoms of nausea or the headache of the withdrawal.

Actually, it’s the same for withdrawal from positive emotion. When you have felt positive and you are not so positive, when you were high in your UpSpiral and you feel lower and “withdrawn” from “feeling good”, the same thing is true. You may even be getting headaches or the shakes of a little anxiety. All you need to start to turn it around is a little bit of the hair of the” tail of the dog” that bit you. Go to the Emotional Gym and find something to feel a little gratitude for and nurse the gratitude, just a little if you can’t feel it a lot. Use the physical motions of the Emotional Gym that you have conditioned to help you feel gratitude. Use feeling gratitude to get your mind off of your focus on not feeling good and put your focus on the tail of the positive dog that has bitten you with how good it is to “feel good”.

Emotions are as much a choice as thoughts, and sometimes you can’t change your thinking until you have done something to change your feelings. Anything that brings just a little gratitude, love, peace or joy will work. Like, maybe taking a walk and only noticing lovely things.

Negative feelings do not have to have a core, a purpose, a reason or a root cause. Sometimes they “just are.” And because they sometimes “just are” for a thousand different reasons, you don’t have to chase them down and analyze them. Stop the big investigation over them and just change them a little.

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