What Are You Pushing AGAINST?

WhNeedle.jpgat don’t you have enough of? What’s not working out? What is getting in your craw? What is needling you? What are you being insistent about that needs to happen in your life? What hasn’t happened that you focus on every day -more than you focus on what is good and beautiful; more than you celebrate what IS?

There is one fundamental secret to getting what you want. It is celebrating what you have. How do you eat an ice cream cone? How do you eat a bowl of soup? How present are you in your conversations? Are you usually thinking about or planning what you have to do next? These are good tests of celebrating today. Do you have enough time to savor an ice cream cone, a conversation, another person, the sky, your piece of paradise?Ice_Cream_Cones.jpg

Pushing against is the “not enough” setting of a person who believes that one more thing has to happen before they can be happy. There is always one more thing that will One.jpgdo it, always, until we become happy inside, by our doing. From that point of inner happiness, all the rest comes. Happiness can happen today or you can wait for something outside of you to make you happy. Chances are you will wait forever.

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Dr. William K. Larkin

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