Wasting Psychic Energy: A “Green” Brain

Everyone has heard the myth that we only use 9/10 of the brain. We are always using all the brain, in one Brain_Green.jpgway or another. However, there is a part of this that is true. The neuro-associations that the brain can make, called neuroplasticity, and learning are infinite. The more interconnection between neurons, the greater the intelligence, the ability, and the growth of the individual.

It is a matter of your neurons getting acquainted, in a sense. They have to relate together, they have to get to know each each other through a wide variety of neuropathways of association. The greater the network, the greater the well-being and efficient functioning of the brain will be.

While the brain is unlimited in terms of the associations and the networks it can build, every day you have only a certain amount of psychic energy before you wear out and get tired. The fuel of the brain that makes it run most smoothly is positive emotion. The greater the synchrony of the brain, fostered by positive emotion, the greater the efficient use of the brain. Wasted energy is conflict, worry, fear, all the DownSpiral experiences. The DownSpiral uses and wastes 3 times more psychic energy than the UpSpiral.Synapse.jpg

Rather than build new networks of associations, knowledge, learning and meaning, we can spend way too much psychic energy going over the same old networks of the things we think need to occupy our minds. If you like to clean house and get rid of things, start with the clutter in your brain and life, the piles of meaningless involvements and negative relationships that are simply psychic clutter. Clean ‘em out, get rid of ‘em. Recycle and make the brain “green” and the environment will follow.

This means choices. Usually we get too excited and too caught up in the “small change” items of life. We would rather than be right than be happy. We can’t tell the difference between what we can change and what we can’t. We put our noses in business where it doesn’t belong. We watch CNN as though there were some impact we were going to have on every negPocket_Change.jpgative global sneeze. Does it really help you to find out who is responsible for his death, (I mean, other that himself- imagine that -he’s responsible!)

Where do you want to spend your psychic energy? I would suggest on joy and happiness. Decide again today, as I am, that I would rather be happy than right and let go of the “small change.”

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Dr. William K. Larkin

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