Wanting The UpSpiral

As you decide that you Spiral64.jpgwant to be in an UpSpiral of positivity, you are already setting forces into motion. When it comes to wanting to be in a different state of mind, the “wanting” is very important. The “wanting” is telling your brain what you want it to do. It is also telling your brain what to believe- and that is this: living in an UpSpiral of positivity is possible. Our goal with those we train is to live in an UpSpiral 100% of the time.

We may not be at the top of the UpSpiral all of the time, but the great learning here is that we NEVER have to be in a DownSpiral.

We start with three rules:Critic.jpg

1. Stop all negative self talk and give up being critical of yourself and others. Just give it up. Stop it!

2. Stop blaming others for your problems or any problems. What you spot, you got.
What you find fault with in others exists some place within yourself.

Get ByronTV_Off.jpg Katie’s book, Loving What Is, and find out how this process of negative projection works.

3. Give up being the cynic or the critic of the world. Stop being the judge of the good or bad of the world. Give up watching television news for 90 days. You won’t miss a thing and you’ll find out about everything you need to know.


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