Vibe Core: Your Brain on Flow

Your brain in flow is revitalizing and renewing.  It represents a state in which it operates most like its natural state -in a high degree of synchrony.  This flow is meditation in motion; it is contemplation on the move.  Many people who are not good at passive, emptying meditation practices will find that flow is a welcome, much more easily attained state of meditation and a relief from the daily spiritual practices they don’t do and feel guilty about missing. 

What is meditation?  It is becoming “one with”.  It is unifying in such a way that we transcend the usual patterns of thinking about this or that and focus on a single reality so that, not just our thinking, but time itself slows down.  That’s what happens in flow.  It is perfectly possible to meditate and dance, to meditate and run, to meditate and do a task.  This secret is in the “just this” experience. 

The experience of the brain on flow is an increase in “psychological capital”.  What that means is that you are reducing the amount of psychic energy used to do a task and adding to the scope of the connectedness of your neurons.  Things are knitting together in new ways in your brain.  When they continue to knit together in new ways (interneuronal association), intelligence increases.  You are increasing the positive reserves of the brain on every level when you experience flow.

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Dr. William K. Larkin

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