Your Vibe, Your Life…Your Choice

Brain MagneticYour “vibe” is your magnet. Every one has a vibration that is an expression of where they’re basically “coming from”.

We read people’s “vibe” so naturally that we don’t even realize that we’re doing it – and they read ours.

We are drawn to some people and repelled by others.

Our vibration also tunes us into the world like a magnet and determines what we attract into our lives by the nature of where we put our focus and by how strongly we put our focus in that place.

Try this for what constitutes your “vibe.” It is knowing what you want, believing you’re going to get it, and being open to all the ways that it can come in its time frame and not necessarily yours.

The Wantings Key“package” may look different than you expect, and may come when you aren’t expecting it.

The stronger you are in knowing what you want, believing you will get it, and being open to how it will arrive, the stronger your “vibe” will be. It will affect the nature and strength of your focus, which acts as a magnet.

If you are wishy-washy about what you want, don’t really believe you will get it, and rigid about how it has to come, your “vibe” will be conflicted and weak and so will your “personal magnet of focus”.

How OrangeNotice that none of this is about the “how”. The “how” shows up wonderfully when these other pieces are in place.

What this is all about is your “VibeCore.”

So you have this “vibe” that you transmit as surely as a frequency or signal and it’s rooted in what has brought you what you have in your life.

It is not your positive thinking or your negative thinking that so much attracts what you want or don’t want; it is your NeuroPositive being or your negativity being.

It is the very nature of your reasoning.

NeuroPositivity is not just positive thinking. It is what it means to begin to alter the nature of your mind and to be able to live in an UpSpiral of growing consciousness that brings back the “oneness” youOneness New begin to see in the mirror.

However, at the core of it all, at the core of “vibe” is knowing what you want.

Everything starts with knowing what you want.

We powerfully create our worlds through the strength of our VibeCore. As your VibeCore grows you will increasingly get more and more of what you want.


About the author

Dr. William K. Larkin
  • MissTowner

    This is such beautiful information! Often times us humans go about our lives feeling like victims, not knowing why we are attracting negative experiences. When we tune into ourselves, and focus on what it is we want, good starts coming our way. The higher up in the upspiral we are, the more the blessings rain down. Spiral up!!

  • joseph967

    This is a fantastic piece of information and very educating. If we are in a state of oneness we become creators, attracting what we want in our life by strengthening our vibecore.

  • “Everything starts with knowing what you want.” I love this! And allowing, inviting and giving permission to “want it”, believe I’ll get it and let it go! I love the vibecore being!!! I love going to my strengths. It’s like my zest, energy and enthusiasm are finally running free in a field of wow and whoohoo!

  • Joe_Mojo

    I especially like the point of being open to the the details of how, and when, we get what we want. If we are feeling the vibe those details don’t limit us, aren’t much of a factor. It is so easy to get obsessed with the ‘how’. How will I get what I want? What is the mechanism? How long will it take? How much will it cost? All this activity sets markers that can become hooks for negative emotions. By living in the UpSpiral if we do feel those hooks it is easier to neutralize them. Pulsing is a good example of a very effective way. Then, on a broader scale, knowing what we truly want coupled with continually positive emotion creates a quantum state and changes our being. This is the often discussed flow that allows what we know we want to just ‘happen’. This advances us to the next level.

  • I love the analogy of knowing what you want is like going into a restaurant and either being very specific about what you want (dressing on the side, no cream in coffee etc) or saying to the waiter, just give me what you want me to have. Which approach gets you what you want?
    When we are clear knowing exactly what we want, it comes to us.

  • Yogess1111

    The closer I become to embracing my authentic self and my truth, and the more I acknowledge my own beauty, the more I have attracted beautiful souls and circumstances in my life. We definitely have a choice on what we attract and it all starts with our thoughts.

  • When I was first introduced to the work of ANI, I was intrigued by positivity and positive psychology. As a practicing psychotherapist, I had been steeped in the world of psychopathology, diagnoses, and treatment interventions. Actually, that was over six years ago. The concepts of the UpSpiral and the DownSpiral seemed simplistic to me back then, yet I liked the idea of The Emotional Gym where I worked on my emotional muscle just like I did on the physical muscles of my body. As I began this daily practice, I began to feel better and slowly, slowly began to change. I got off the emotional roller coaster of worries, doubts, fears and began to practice State of Mind Management. Not only were my thoughts and emotions changing, the nature of my mind began to develop in new ways. With greater understanding of the brain’s neuroplasticity (through the ANI trainings), I realized that my own brain could be re-wired. I engaged my strengths of curiosity and interest in the world, input, and love of learning to shift my reading focus on neuropositivity, neuroscience, positivity in relationships, neuroplasticity, meditation and spirituality, etc. I began to move in the direction of greater connection, oneness, and optimism. As a result, my VIBECORE reflected these changes and has magnetized to me more than I ever could have imagined.

  • Swanstar98

    As a student and practitioner of positive thinking for many years, I want to
    engage with the statement, “It is not your positive thinking or your negative
    thinking that so much attracts what you want or don’t want; it is your
    NeuroPositive being or your negativity being.”
    While focusing on positive thinking has resulted in tremendous changes for the
    positive in my life, it hasn’t particularly changed how often I “feel bad” from an emotional perspective and the physical experience of those emotions.

    I particularly like the phrase “VibeCore”
    because to me it speaks to how this vibration of one’s life is at the core of
    the entirety of each of us: thoughts,
    emotions, physical, and spiritual. I’ve
    exercised and strengthened myself on the thinking, physical, and spiritual
    planes, yet by having bought into the idea (consciously or not) that I’m a
    victim to my emotions I have repeatedly given in to a lie of being stuck in the
    negative and have bumped up against a glass ceiling of positivity in my life.

    I’m a couple of weeks into the material here
    at ANI and in terms of the wanting described here, I’m willing to start with clarity and a
    public acknowledgement that I want to feel good. I want to live in the UpSpiral. I’m willing to start where I am with this and
    make progress. I believe I feel good now and I’m open to how that shows up in Life.

  • The first time I began to focus on the energy I was giving off was during my yoga teacher training a few years ago. After I realized how much not only was I drawn to certain things because of my vibration but of how things were drawn to me, I began seeing the how universe responded. This awareness created a greater sense within me to shift my thinking to the positive. I began focusing on the beautiful things I was surrounded with and was able to be grateful for what I had. I wanted to ensure I was communicating to the world what I wanted and needed. This shift was very eye opening to me. Even now during times when I struggle to stop asking how I remember to refocus on what information I have provided. Usually I have not been specific with my wants. This negative checkpoint allows me to refocus, accept and pulse what I do want. Sitting in stillness, meditating on my oneness and providing the opportunity of flow to come forth rather than expecting it. Each time I am able to do this a response has been provided of my wants. I am able to attract what I want at the right time.

  • A. Fagan

    Positive thinking does not bring about fundamental change. In order to change our positivity levels, we need to fill in the picture, that we have drawn in our minds, with many colors and deep hues. As we pulse the Emotional Gym and build our positivity muscles, our desire for peace, love, joy, hope, and gratitude build.

  • Joanne E Harrington

    With patience and mindful practice of the Emotional Gym tools, I slowly discovered what BEING NeuroPositive meant. The linchpin for me was learning about Vibecore. Dr. Larkin sometime refers to “whoo whoo” in the context that some of the concepts and research underlying what he teaches might seem far-fetched. VIBECORE struck me as a bit fanciful – attracting people and things in surprising ways simply by being solidly in the UpSpiral and knowing and believing that I could achieve the goals I was slowly developing to bring more meaning and personal significance into my life. I realized that I wasn’t truly open to giving the theory of Vibecore a try. Dr. Daniel Siegel talks about the mind being a relational process regulating the flow of information and energy. When my Vibecore is strong, I notice my energy and focus are strong. I choose to receive and understand information through the lens of the UpSpiral. Vibecore is the natural progression of learning to regulate where your. thoughts and feelings are leaning. Our neuronal associations are growing in a positive direction and our cells vibrate in ways that will energize us if we accept and savour what feeling good opens up for us and our potential.

  • MissTowner

    Becoming aware of my vibecore for me was to finally wake up and discover what it is I want out of this life. For the longest time I thought it was selfish to want things for my own pleasure. But looking back, I was using it all along, and mostly attracting sad and unfavorable circumstances. Now that I’m equipped with pulsing what I call the fabulous 5 emotions, I can attract to me what I want and be happy with it because the world needs more happy people, happy people give good back!

  • Working in my mission, personally and professionally has been the greatest job I have done to be really aligned to who I am. It is also a great tool to use when you feel that you are going to the downspiral. I have developped with great detail the logical levels starting from the mission and including: Mission, Identity, beliefs/Values, Emotions, competences, behaviuor and environement.

  • “Everything begins with knowing what you want.”
    The bombardment of stuff – messages via advertising, video, images, texts, facial gestures, comparison…. is a resource and a distraction. Today, because of this course, I spend more time settling down vs settling for. I settle down to dream, search, ask myself — what do I really want, desire. And it’s interesting how unchartered my thoughts are. The more I do this, the more exciting it is. With regard to vibecore. I get that. It’s an inside resonance with an outside pull. My Vibecore score is usually the highest of my 3 scores and everyday I am surprised at what events my VC attracts.

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